Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: April 21, 2009

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(NEW) NYIT Student Film
Please send your headshot to the provided email directly. You will be given the detailed casting info. NYIT Film Dept. Please send headshots to:

New York Institute of Technology’s Senior Directing class is conducting a semi-annual casting call for various film projects. We are currently looking for actors who will work with student directors for their thesis or final project.

Seeking: Age Range: 20-40. Gender: Male and Female. Non-Union welcome. Asian, White, African-American, Hispanic, all are welcome.

(NEW) Flipped, SAG feature film
Jeff Mitchell Casting is casting the lead in the feature film “Flipped.” Producers: Rob Reiner, Alan Greisman. Director: Rob Reiner. Writer: Rob Reiner, Andy Scheinman. LA Casting Directors: Jane Jenkins. NY Casting Directors: Jeff Mitchell & Jennifer Rudolph. Start Date: 6/29/09. Location: Michigan. If you feel you fit the below descriptions, you are welcome to submit yourself for the project. We will be auditioning SAG & NON-SAG, AFTRA & NON-AFTRA ACTORS for this project.

All submissions MUST contain email addresses because appointments will be given via email. Here is how to submit yourself for this project. Please read these directions carefully.

1. Place a post-it-note with the name of the project and character you are submitting for on the front of your picture and then slip it into a mailing envelope.
2. Make sure your email address is on your resume. All appointments will be given out via email. We will not be able to call you in if we do not have your email address.
3. Mail your picture/resume so that it is received NO LATER THAN Monday, April 27th.

Use First Class US Post Office only. Do NOT send overnight packages or anything that requires a signature. Do not drop your picture off at our office. We will only consider submissions that come through the US mail. THE ADDRESS IS: ATTN: FLIPPED (the name of the role you are submitting yourselves for), Mitchell/Rudolph Casting, 70 West 36th Street, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10018. ABSOLUTELY NO DROP-OFFS. ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE CALLS OR PICTURE FAXES TO OUR OFFICE PLEASE. EMAIL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE DELETED. WE WILL NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS ETC.

Seeking: Bryce: [13 YEAR OLD BRYCE] 13 years old, with "dazzling blue eyes," a good looking kid in the seventh/eighth grade, bright, average, capable of more than he knows, Bryce has been struggling for years with the unwanted crush that his next door neighbor, Juli Baker, has on him. Much of his life so far has been geared towards ignoring her or actively trying to put her off, and in doing so he has, not intentionally, either hurt her feelings or made her think less of him. Unfortunately, this year Bryce suddenly makes the startling discovery that he has feelings for Juli--confusing and unwanted but undeniable and real--and that his sometimes awkward and sometimes hurtful behavior towards her has now made her first angry, then indifferent towards him. Faced with the possibility of losing something precious that he's devalued his whole life, Bryce, to his credit, finally gets some backbone and starts working at getting the girl he loves...LEAD (12). This film takes place in 1957-1963.

by Van Draanen, Wendelin

(NEW) Norman Mailer’s The Deer Park
Casting for a staged reading at The Nuyorican Poets Café (236 E.3rd St.) of Norman Mailer’s The Deer Park. Reading will take place on Monday, June 15. Please note, this is a labor of love so there is no pay, but this will be the last production with his personal imprint so you could say it has some historic import. (He had asked me to co-direct a film of it with him and be in it after our last outing at Makor/ 92nd St.Y in 2007, which Norman attended.). We are using this staged reading to get producers to look at the play for a full production as a tribute to Norman’s legacy. The day I’ve picked is an off-night so that people could more easily fit it into their schedule and the commitment on the part of the actors is fairly minimal. The performance will be Monday June 15@ 7PM.

Seeking actors who really would like to do something special. Because of time pressures, it would be best if actors contact me by email at this address but they can also send hard copy to: Please note: Do not address submissions directly to The Nuyorican Poets Café, (they are the presenters but not the producers so no phone calls to them). Our plan is to attract producers for a full run in a major venue. Since the play ran for sixty-six performances in the 60s when it premiered at the Lucille Lortel this is a very real possibility.

The play is timeless and powerful and takes on all the big issues: mortality, ambition, obsessive love, sexuality, power, wealth, integrity. It takes place in Hell while the characters in it think they are leading their lives in the Palm Springs of the fifties.

- (30) is a tour de force role for an actress. She is a ‘sometime flamenco dancer’, a Carmen, stunning enough to be the mistress of a major Hollywood player, high strung yet vulnerable, self destructive enough to be suicidal, and ill at ease with sophistication - she is blue collar but American born. She is the kind of woman who lived in heels in the fifties and used her physicality as her weaponry. It should be added that the play is one of language - it is Norman Mailer’s writing after all. A youngish native born Anna Magnani might be right for her. Or a Jennifer Lopez.

Charles Francis Eitel - (60’s) based on Elia Kazan. He has a fire in the belly and considerable charm, but since he has vestiges of integrity - at least for a Hollywood film director - he is pained deeply by what he sees as the wasting of his talent. In short, he is drowning in self-disgust. A sophisticated if self-educated man. Prototype would be George C. Scott in Dr.Strangelove, though this is not a parody. Or Jose Ferrer in Cyrano.

Collie Munshin - (40ish) a hard driving producer: an anaconda in a town known for its reptiles. Crude, but not stupid, a survivor. Supplies some of the humor in the play. He's married the boss's daughter - (based on the son in law of Louis B Mayer). Pretty ethnic. Rod Steiger did a very similar character in The Big Knife.

The Deer Park
by Mailer, Norman

(NEW) Summer/Fall Plays
Legros Cultural Arts, Inc is seeking African American male & female actors for upcoming summer and fall projects. All ages. Please email headshot and resumes to We will only contact actors we are interested in inviting for an audition. Paid performances. Non-Equity.