Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: June 29, 2010

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(NEW) The Guardian’s Project, FringeNYC
E-mail for audition information theguardiansproject@gmail.com. Present two monologues: one classical & one contemporary not longer than 2 min. each.

Auditions are being held for The Guardian’s Project, a new play for the New York International Fringe Festival. A tragedy about a man who becomes involved with a religious extremist’s plot and finds that life hinges on a decision and innocence is sacrificed on the altar of beliefs. Fringe Festival Performances 13-29 August 2010. Rehearsals: June 28 till show. Non Union. No Pay.

Seeking six volunteer male actors for the cast:
Rev. Naga: (25-45) A charismatic monk who becomes a leader of revolt against the government.

Asaph: (25-45) An electrician and family man who becomes unemployed in a turbulent society

Vicinus: (25-45) A merchant, Asaph’s neighbor, and fellow Yellow Sash tribe member.

Sicarius: (25-45) A farmer, family man and rebel of the Yellow Sash Tribe.

Brother: (25-45) Rev. Naga’s brother, an early rebel.

(NEW) Les Miserables, open call
Audition Dates: Monday, July 5, 2010 and Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 7pm to 10pm. Callbacks: Saturday, July 10, 2010 (time tbd). Christ Church, 7301 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209. Auditions are open, no need to call for appointment. Please bring two ballads (16 bars), one of which may be from Les Miserables. Bring two headshots and two resumes.

Narrows Community Theater, Inc. is proud to announce auditions for Les Miserables. Ages 8 to 19. Rehearsals: Wed, Thurs, Fri nights 7-10pm, Saturdays 12-3pm, beginning July 14. Performances: mid-September at St. Patrick’s Auditorium, 97th St/4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209. Please call 718 482 3173 for more info or email nct@nctheaterny.com. Director: Matte O’Brien. Music Director: Terry Hanson. Producer: Susan Huizinga.

Seeking: Actors for Les Miserables.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: June 23, 2010

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(NEW) How My Mother Died of Cancer, and Other Bedtime Stories, FringeNYC
Please send headshots and resumes to morgan.zipf@gmail.com by Thursday, June 24th. Auditions will be held Saturday, June 26th by appointment only, with callbacks Sunday, June 27th. No preparation necessary: sides will be provided.

Auditions by appointment will be held for How My Mother Died of Cancer, and Other Bedtime Stories. Dir: Laura Moss. No pay, individual stipend per AEA member. Performance dates will fall between August 13th-29th. In the show, Kate Morgan, 25, copes with her mother's death by writing a comedy about cancer and its impact on her family. She's also cast her family and friends as themselves. When they hijack the performance, the results are disastrous.

early 50s, not comfortable with his emotions, strained in his relationship with Kate, does not approve of the play or its content.

MOM: 40s-50s, a professional actress portraying Kate's mother before and during cancer treatment, with both honest and broadly satirical moments.

(NEW) The Showmen, Staged Reading
Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 2 PM – 5 PM, by appointment only. Lafayette Grill 54 Franklin St. (Btw. Broadway and Lafayette), NYC. Please prepare a 2-minute dramatic monologue and/or song and dance, according to role you are auditioning for. Slides from the script will be given at audition.

Casting for the world premiere cabaret staged reading and production The Showmen. World premiere choreodrama with music that explores the lives of two tap-dancing brothers who take Hollywood, theatre, and supper clubs by storm, highlighting the years of 1940-1948. Inspired by the legendary, late Nicholas Brothers. Paid shows, some pay for Rehearsals. Off Broadway Cabaret Theatre, stage reading and production premiers late Fall 2010.

Seeking: (Each role is inspired by these artists, the names have been changed, according to script)
Tap Dance Choreographer.

Fayard and Harold Nicholas – must be a tap dancer and actor.

Dorothy Dandridge (Wife / Entertainer of Harold Nicholas) -Must be a singer, dancer and actress. *Beauty is required*

Geraldine Nicholas (Wife to Fayard)- *beauty is required* as well as singing and acting.

Viola Nicholas (Mother of Nicholas Brothers) singing and acting required.

Timothy Williams (Best friend and manager of Nicholas Brothers) *Non-singing role*

Ruby Ann (Mistress) *Non-singing role, beauty is also required*

Harry Belafonte (Understudy role open only).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: June 16, 2010

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(NEW) POPE! An epic musical, FRINGENYC
Auditions will be held by appointment only on Tuesday, June 22nd. To schedule an appointment Email popethemusical@gmail.com; Bring 16 bars of a musical theater or pop song in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided. Bring pix & résumés, NON-UNION, NO PAY, LOTS OF FUN

Comedic actors/singers for POPE! a hilarious comic-book style adventure. Rehearsals begin June 29th in NYC, nights and weekends; with approximately five performances Aug. 13-29 as part of the New York International Fringe Festival.

Seeking: Comedic Actors/singers who can move: male and female, 20s-30s (and one male 40s-50s), any ethnicity, with strong Broadway/rock voices, for leads and ensemble. All ensemble roles play many parts and several have solos/songs.

(NEW) Karate Tango, open call
Wednesday, June 23, 2010. 11 AM – 2 PM. The Producer’s Club, 358 West 44th Street, Studio 5, Equity audition procedures are NOT in effect. No Equity monitor provided. Producer runs all aspects of the audition. However, AEA members will have priority. Prepare a brief song from a Broadway show to be sung a cappella. If auditioning for Dirk, please also prepare a brief song by Elvis. For the role of Caylee, prepare a brief Pop song. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

Producers Peter Basil Ryan & Leisha Apker Horin are holding open call auditions (Equity/non) for Karate Tango. Equity Showcase, approval pending. Writer/Director: Peter Basil Ryan. Choreographers: Leisha Apker Horin, Jamie Torres & Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Stage Manager (possibly assistant, rather than head): Marie Zambardi. Rehearsals: (Tentatively) August 23 - September 23. Runs: September 24 – October 17, at the Producer’s Club. Callbacks on 6/24, 11am to 1pm if necessary. If unable to attend the audition, mail picture and resume to: ATTN: HORIN/ Karate Tango, 6 Leggett Rd, Bronxville NY 10708.

Male Lead, 30s-40s, Triple Threat! Attractive, Must Act, Sing and Dance very well! (Ballroom:Tango & Swing, a plus) Ability to do impressions, helpful. MUST be capable of a decent Elvis impersonation. Plays a struggling actor/singer/dancer. (a bit star struck) Starts out pursuing Caylee, ends up realizing love for Heather.

Amy: Female, 18-45. Girl next door type, plays struggling actress/singer/dancer, barista, best friend, and the show's narrator. (preferably a legit mezzo/soprano) Must act, sing and dance/move very well.

Caylee: Female 18-30. Very pretty, hot, and vain. A rising pop starlet and actress, obsessed with publicity, career, and her lapdog. (Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cirus & Paris Hilton, all wrapped up into ONE!) Pop style voice. Must act, sing and dance/move very well.

Bruce (Also plays Latin Dance Instructor & Wedding Planner): Male 25-45. Strong comedic timing and over the top persona! He's flamboyant, witty and loveable. Triple Threat! Must Act, Sing & Dance!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: June 9, 2010

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(NEW) Art of Attack, FringeNYC
Auditions by appointment. Submit headshot and resume to Producer Sarah Wansley at artofattackplay@gmail.com. No knowledge of Russian language necessary.

Auditions are being held for Art of Attack, a new show for the NY International Fringe Festival. Seeking two male actors (Equity or non-Equity) — a new play about the reunion of estranged, chess-obsessed, Russian brothers. Duration: Jul 15 - Aug 29. Written by Asa Merritt. Directed by Joshua Brody (AD of "The Homecoming" on Broadway, dir. Daniel Sullivan). AEA Showcase Pending. Competitive stipend.

30-40 - Feverish and passionate. Immigrated to Brooklyn, NY to escape his past. Committed to chess to the point of madness. Dating a girl barely out of high school.

Sergei: 30-40 - Conservative in manner, but a recovering chess addict, and a man still wrestling with demons of the estrangement. Leaves his stable home and job in Moscow, Russia to visit Kaz.

Auditions will be held at 7:30pm on Sunday, June 13 and Monday, June 14 at Nutley Little Theatre, 47 Erie Place, Nutley, NJ. Needed are 5 men and 4 women. British accents required.

NUTLEY LITTLE THEATRE will be holding auditions for "NOISES OFF" to be directed by Alex Oleksij. "NOISES OFF," by Michael Frayn, is a wild, frenetic farce about the mishaps of a company of British actors on tour. It's one of the funniest plays ever written! Show dates are three weekends between September 10-25; 10 performances total. (Note: this show will be performing during the Yom Kippur holidays.)

Lloyd Dallas:
(40-50) The director of the play. Temperamental. One third of a Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle.

Dotty Ottley: (50-60) A late-middle-aged actress. Forgetful. Dating Garry, though she attempts to make him jealous by meeting with Fred.

Garry Lejeune: (30-ish) A stuttering actor, easily fired up. Repeatedly tried to attack Fred after believing that Dotty was cheating on him with Fred. Speech affectations disappear onstage but are ever-present offstage. Always completing sentences with, "you know..." Dating Dotty.

Frederick Fellows: (40-ish) An actor with a serious fear of violence and blood. Gets nosebleeds easily. Often questions the meaning of his lines and moves. Often blames himself for things going wrong.

Belinda Blair: (30-40) Cheerful and sensible, a reliable actress. She may have feelings for Fred.

Poppy Norton-Taylor: (20-30) Assistant Stage Manager. Emotional and over-sensitive. Jealous of Brooke, whom she understudies. Carrying Lloyd's child. One third of a Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke love triangle.

Selsdon Mowbray: (60-70) An elderly alcoholic man who hides his bottles onstage. If he is not in sight while rehearsing, the stage crew must find him before he passes out.

Timothy Algood: (20-30) Stage Manager. Understudies Selsdon and Freddy.

Brooke Ashton: (20-ish) A young inexperienced actress from London. Pays no attention to other actors, neither in performances nor backstage. She rarely takes direction and continues performing regardless of any other action onstage. Is always losing her contact lenses. One third of a Lloyd-Poppy-Brooke triangle.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: June 1, 2010

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(NEW) Magdalena’s Crossing
Tues. June 8th / Thurs. June 10th. Non-AEA actors only. Non-paying. Please email your headshot and resume for consideration to: magdalenascrossing@yahoo.com. For more information and/or updates, please go to www.TAPTheatre.com and click on the homepage link MAGDELENA’S CROSSING.

By Carolyn Nur Wistrand. Sponsored by the Negro Ensemble Company. Part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival - Short Subjects. Playwright: Carolyn Nur Wistrand. Director: Elena Araoz. Producer: Nichole Donje'. Asst. Producer: S. Brian Jones. This is a 60 minute play. Rehearsals begin June 21st (5 evenings a week) Three performances between July 12 and August 1 at the WorkShop Theatre in Midtown.

Magdalena: A young illegal Mexican woman from the colonias in Juárez, now living in El Paso. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Early-20s to Mid-20s.

Dalia: A large, sensuous woman whose beauty has faded. She has lived in El Paso, Texas for thirty years. Se has a strong wit and knows how to work the system. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. 50s POSSIBLY ALSO PLAYS THE ROLE OF Concepción.

Concepción: A poor Mexican widow from Juárez. Mother of Magdalena. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. 40s. POSSIBLY ALSO PLAYS THE ROLE OF Dalia.

Jamal: An African-American soldier from Detroit, stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso. The physique of a soldier. English only. Mid-Late-20s.

Federico: A matador from Mexico City training in Juárez. Folklórico experience preferred. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Mid-20s.

Carlota: A wealthy Mexican widow from Mexico City. Mother of Federico. Strict. Harsh. Pure Spanish blood. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Late 40s-50s POSSIBLY ALSO PLAYS THE ROLE OF Rosita.

Rosita: A woman from Juárez. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Folklórico experience preferred. Early-Mid- 20s POSSIBLY ALSO PLAYS THE ROLE OF Carlota.

Lupe: A woman from Juárez. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Folklórico experience preferred. Early-Mid-20s.

Conchita: A woman from Juárez. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Folklórico experience preferred. Early-Mid-20s ALSO PLAYS THE ROLE OF MALINCHE: A Tarahumara Indian from the mountains in Chichuahua. Mother to an Infant. Disheveled and dirty. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Mid-20s to Mid-30s.

Pepalita: A woman from Juárez. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Folklórico experience preferred. Early-Mid-20s ALSO PLAYS THE ROLE OF La Virgin: La Virgin de Guadalupe, Mother of Mexico. Bilingual English/Mexican Spanish preferred. Mid-20s.

Immigration Man: The voice of immigration in El Paso. White male. Rough and imposing. English only. Texan dialect preferred. 30s-40s.

Guitar Player: Mexican folk guitar player to play live on stage. Any age.

(NEW) Banshee of Bainbridge, FringeNYC, by appt.
Auditions by appointment only. They will be held June 7th - 9th for Mij, June 14th - 18th for the rest of cast. Must be available for rehearsal last three weeks of July into August and available for performances last two weeks in August. Please mail headshot and resume to: 636 Carlton Avenue., Apt. 2R, Brooklyn, NY 11238 or email at info@bansheeofbainbridge.com.

Auditions by appointment are being held for Banshee of Bainbridge by Jim Tierney, directed by Dianna Martin. World premiere at the Fringe New York for the last two weeks of August 2010. Seeking both union and non-union. No pay. Duration: July 15 - Aug. 29.

Mij Sullivan
- late twenties to early thirties. Irish-American Bronx native type. Lead role.

Rose - late teens to early twenties. Puerto Rican/Latino Bronx native type. Needs to have a fire under her.

Mr. Shybey/Mo - late forties to early fifties. Bronx native type. Must be able to create two completely different characters within same performance.

Soul - late thirties to early forties Bronx, chain smoking type. Has a napoleon complex.

Sal - late forties to early fifties African American. Kimbo slice demeanor. Rough.

Father Bischoff - sixties to seventies Irish priest. Actual Irish preferred, but open to those with impeccable dialect.

Carlos - Early to mid twenties Bronx Puerto Rican/Latino type. Bad ass. Physically in shape and bullying type.

Ma - late fifties to early sixties. Irish and frail. Actual Irish preferred, but open to those with impeccable dialect.

Jimmy - late fifties to early sixties. Overweight Irish-American Bronx native. Works for MTA for over thirty years. Must be able to do extensive physicality work to create character.