Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 27, 2009

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(NEW) A Doll’s House, non-Equity
To set up an audition, please email headshot, resume and preferred audition date (either 10/28 or 10/29) to Anthony Castellano at anthony@hipobscurity.com. You will be e-mailed back a date and time based on availability. For auditions, if contacted, please prepare a contemporary one minute dramatic monologue. Please familiarize yourself with A Doll's House before auditioning.

Hip Obscurity will be holding auditions for its next production of an adaptation of Hendrick Ibsen's A Doll's House (directed by Anthony Castellano) on Wednesday October 28th and Thursday October 29th from 8-10pm on both nights. Performance dates are January 14-17 and 21-24th of 2010. First rehearsal will begin November 5th 2009. Rehearsals will be held evenings and weekends.

Torvald Helmer
(Late 20s-Mid 30s) is the new manager of the bank. He is married to Nora and has three beautiful children. He prides himself in being a good husband and believes that reputation and public appearance is of the utmost importance.

Christine Linde (Mid 20s-Mid 30s) is an old friend of Nora's from their school days. She comes to look for work and we find out that she was in love with Krogstad but due to a financial situation she entered into a loveless marriage. She is now over worked, tired and has nothing but still she feels the need to continue to work.

Nils Krogstad (Mid 20s- Mid 30s) works at the bank and has many other jobs in the past. He is old schoolmates with Torvald and was in love with Christine. He then married and had children but is a widower at present. Nils has a scandalous reputation and when his job is called into question he has some leverage to try to change the outcome. At times he shows no mercy but everything he does has motive and good intent.

Dr. Rank (Early 30s-40) is best friends with Torvald and Nora. He is suffering from a disease that he had inherited from his father's excessive love life, which he knows he will soon die from. He is very trustworthy and enjoys listening to Nora and her stories.

Anne (the maid) (Late 30s-Mid 40s) is the Helmer's maid and nanny to the children. She gave up her own child to be Nora's Nanny and now has stayed with the family all this time. She is wise and good at following orders. All ethnicities are encouraged to submit. PLEASE NOTE: The part of Nora has already been cast.

A Doll's House
by Ibsen, Henrik Johan

(NEW) The Red Umbrella, showcase
For consideration, e-mail picture and resume to: danisupercasting@gmail.com.

Accepting submissions for the showcase The Red Umbrella. Equity Showcase Code, approval pending; $400 stipend. Artistic Director: Roger Danforth. Writer: Jason Williamson. Director: Ed Sylvanus Iskandar. Casting: Dani Super. 1st rehearsal: December 1, 2009. Runs: December 10 – 13, at the Abingdon Theatre, 312 West 36th Street (5 performances). Auditions will be held by appointment only on November 4 and 6. Looking for actors who have the ability to collaborate and to be physically creative on a bare stage. Understanding what it is to be theatrical and having the ability to be clear, straightforward and unfussy with heightened text are key for this project. Viewpoints or moment work training is desirable, as is practice of good vocal usage

Late 20s to late 30s. Peter is an uncommonly gentle Everyman with universal appeal. The audience should feel a strong instinctive urge to take care of him. He is unwittingly irresistible. Immediately sympathetic, he is vulnerable and haunted. He is a guileless dreamer; affably off-beat, charmingly awkward and disarmingly sensitive. He is a guy’s guy, fighting fit and magnetically good-looking (without knowing it). He should not appear too airbrushed or polished. His vulnerability is the true source of his attractiveness. There is a suggestion of a man-boy about him; someone whose emotional development stalled in his teens. He is looking for direction and purpose, and we should root for him. An innocent lamb amongst wolves.

Death: 20s, should appear more youthful than either Peter or Angela. Death is a Vision. She is vivacious, ethereal, and unattainably beautiful. She is passionate, impulsive, chaotic, and incredibly lonely. She glows with compassion, empathy and love. As is often the case with unworldly beauty, she is somewhat shy, misanthropic and can be alienating. There is no suggestion of pornography or exhibitionism in her carriage, her voice or her presentation. She is a mischievous prankster who holds the wisdom of Time. An intoxicating, effervescent, forever youthful goddess. The actress playing Death will have to appear in a swimsuit. All actresses being submitted need to be comfortable with this. She should be in great physical shape, and should look healthy and immaculately groomed. Her appearance and her manner should be natural and totally effortless.

Angela: Late 20s to late 30s, a contemporary of Peter’s. Angela is a fragile survivor with a heart-rending smile. She is not brittle or cold, but yielding, pliant, warm. She is marked by great tragedy, and hides behind wit and quirkiness. She is also remarkably pretty in her own way; she should not look like second fiddle in comparison to Death. She is pragmatic, straightforward, and human. She is a realist who has found great romance in embracing the imperfect. There is something movingly honest about her. There is also great sadness within her, but this has not closed her to the world. She is a sensitive live wire who feels everything exponentially more than the rest of us. She plays no games and has no hidden agenda. She is a lost soul looking for the solace of connection. Broken porcelain held together by pure resilience.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 21, 2009

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(NEW) Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Audition dates are November 16th and 18th from 7:30-9:30. Looking for adults and mature teens. Please prepare a song that shows your vocal range and personality and be prepared to read from the script. Please call the theatre at 973-248-9491 for more information. Smiling Rhino Theatre is located at 247 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ. Carmela Wolosz, Smiling Rhino Theatre. www.smilingrhinotheatre.com. 973-248-9491.

Smiling Rhino Theatre is proud to announce auditions for their upcoming musical Fairy Tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Dan Reed directs and Sue Chandler, Musical Director. Show dates are January 29, 30, 31, Feb. 5, 6, 7, 2010. This original version of the classic tale of a young princess who is ordered killed by her stepmother, the jealous new queen. Abandoned in the forest, Snow White takes up residence with seven little men who are captivated by her beauty and who protect her against the wicked queen and her magic mirror. When it appears that the queen finally triumphs, it will be the kiss of a handsome prince that will save the day. Snow White features a cast of 11 and boasts a score written by Broadway composer Michael Valenti and a book written by award-winning children's playwright Elsa Rael. The play is performed in the Broadway style to live musical accompaniment against a fully realized setting. All roles available and seeking variety in casting!

Wednesday, October 21 from 10AM to 2PM, at Ripley Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue, Room 16J, NYC. Saturday October 24 from 10AM - 2PM, Sunday and October 25 from 6PM to 9PM at Judson Church Office, 230 Thompson Street, NYC. Prepare 16 to 32 bars of a legit musical theater song that shows your range and musicality (in vein of R&H, Gershwin, Porter, Kern). Also have material available of other styles to show versatility (Folk/Country, Classical) if asked. Also prepare 15 to 30 seconds of narrative text from novel, story, or news. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

The Theater at Judson of NYC is holding open auditions for dancers for Christmas Rappings. Equity Showcase. Director: Russell Treyz. Musical Director: Brent Frederick.

Stage Manager: Jared Goldstein. By Al Carmines. First rehearsal: November 1, 2009, evenings and weekends. Runs: December 4 – 19 (Wednesday off).

Seeking: Male and Female singers of all types and ethnicities, dancers (belly and ballroom-tango). Dancers are encouraged to participate. Belly dancers and ballroom tango dancers are needed. Scored for piano, finger cymbals, and tambourine. This is a theatre piece for solo singers, chorus, dancers, and pianist. It is a multi-ethnic musical theater performance created by Al Carmines based on the Christmas story and other excerpts from the Bible. An hour and a half in length, the music covers all genres from country to classic to blues to gospel to a tango to "show tunes". There are many solos (about 20), plus duets, trios, quartets, octets, and a large chorus. Rappings (in the 1960-70s sense of "talking about and/or having a discussion/debate") involves strong melodies, challenging choral work, and a unique holiday experience. http://www.judson.org/arts-theater.html.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 13, 2009

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(NEW) Christmas Rappings - Open Call
Wednesday, October 21: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM: Ripley Grier, 520 Eighth Ave - 16J, New York, NY. Saturday, October 24 3:00 - 7:00 PM; and Sunday, October 25 6:00 - 9:00 PM: Judson Offices, 239 Thompson St (block south of Washington Square), NYC. Please prepare 16 to 32 bars of a legit musical theater song that shows your range and musicality (in vein of R&H, Gershwin, Porter, Kern). Also have material available of other styles to show versatility (Folk/Country, Classical) if asked. Also 15 to 30 seconds of narrative text from novel, story, or newspaper article.

Theater at Judson is seeking multi-ethnic strong singers for ensemble and lead roles in the 40th Anniversary Revival of Christmas Rappings. Non-Union. No Pay. Duration: Nov 1 - Dec. 19. Contact Russell Treyz.

Seeking: Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and especially Baritone-Bass. Music styles include: Classic Broadway, classical (all periods), and folk/country. 40th Anniversary revival of Christmas Rappings, by Al Carmines, "A musical theatre/performance piece for solo singers, chorus, dancers, and pianist" (Belly Dancers also needed).

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) A Christmas Carol, non-Equity
October 26, 2008 - sign-ups begin at 9:00am. Be warmed up and ready to dance by 10:00am. Callbacks will take place that afternoon and those called back will be asked to sing. Prepare a song and bring sheet music, accompanist will be provided. Where: Chelsea Studios - 151 West 26th Street NYC, Studio 602. Notes/What to bring: Headshot/Resume, Sheet Music.

McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, NJ, is holding a non-Equity open dance call for A Christmas Carol. Category: Performer. Note: Fantastic opportunity to work under a great director in a production of A Christmas Carol. One role will be cast from ensemble, CHARLOTTE FEZZIWIG. This role will receive an additional stipend. Non-Equity contract. Artistic Director: Emily Mann. Author: Charles Dickens, adaptation by David Thompson.

Director: Michael Unger. Choreography by: Rob Ashford. Casting: Laura Stanczyk. Reh: 11/13/09 . Runs: 12/06/09 – 12/27/09. Auditions: 10/26/09.

Dancers/Singers: 20s. All Ethnicities, Male and Female. Must be strong dancers who sing well.

Charlotte Fezziwig: 20s Slightly awkward daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig. Goofy, flirtatious and funny. Dancer who sings. Union Information. Non-Equity only. Stipend.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Currently Casting

Blackfriars Playhouse, VA










NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12

Arkansas Repertory Theatre



NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12 & 10/13

Bram Stoker's Dracula, LLC


NYC Audition EPA 10/14-10/16

White Horse Theatre Co.


NYC Audition in late Oct./early Nov. by appt.

Two Rivers Theatre Company


NYC Audition by appt. 11/3 & 11/4

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 6, 2009

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(NEW) The Effects of Suburbia on an Otherwise Normal Brain
Auditions by appointment: Fri, Oct. 16. New York, picture and resume to Jodi smith nativealiens@gmail.com.

NativeAliens Theatre Collective is casting a new comedic play being produced for the first time. Actors will be cast in multiple roles. This play will run for one week. Looking for all types for multiple characters. Looking for actors that can play guitar, keyboard, drums, etc. as well. No Pay. Starts Nov. 2. Non-Union, AEA, AEA Eligible

(18-40 Male) Gavin is a character who in actuality would be in his 20s or early 30s, but is a "character" that can be played by any age actor. This character is an angst driven poet that believe in order to write great poetry he must suffer. Comedic.

Narrator (18-30 any gender) Narration will be done by a musical group. Looking for men and women between the ages of 18 and 30. Also looking for group members that can play an instrument as well.

 Kevin (18-40 male) Kevin is a 16 year old celebrating Christmas with his family and experiences life where people tell the truth to one another for the first time. This is a "character" and can be played by any age actor. Lenore (18-40 female)

Lenore is a very simple executive assistant celebrating her birthday with her less than politically correct boss. This is a "character" and any age can play this role.

(NEW) American Amerique, Non-Union Tour
NYC Auditions By Appointment Early November. Please send picture and resume to: The JENA Company, 1650 Broadway/Suite 1107, New York, NY 10019; or email to jenaco2@sisna.com.

The Jena Company will be holding auditions for American Amerique. Rehearsals: NYC starting Dec. 28. Tour: January 25 – March 7 (one-niters at universities and performing arts centers throughout the U.S.) Rehearsal Pay, Road Salary & Per Diem, and Housing Provided. Casting Highly Skilled Multi-Ethnic (Hispanic, Asian, Black, and White) character actors and actresses of Wide Age Range for Non-Union Tour of new play America Amerique: Stories of American Immigrants, Then and Now (1845 to the Present). Director: Alex Levy; Producer: John Adams/The JENA Company.

Seeking: 5 Male, 2 Female Performers will play multiple characters. Specific Roles are:

Man One (Mid 20s – Mid 30s) – strong, rough-edged, Ellis Island Examiner, and Angry Man In The Street;

Man Two (Late 20’s – 40s) – Multiple Roles & the Narrator – empathetic, also sharply observant, sometimes cynical;

Man Three (Older –or must read as Older Character Type, 50s – 60s) –Upper Crust New Yorker, Old World Russian Jew (1900), Italian Father (1940);

Man Four (18 - 25) – strong but also vulnerable – from Young Irishman 1840s, Teenage Russian Immigrant to Young Mexican in 1930s L.A.

Man Five (Mid 20s – Mid 40s) – large masculine presence, down to earth working man – Mexican Immigrant, Ellis Island Interpreter, Border Guard, and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

Woman One (Mid 20s – Mid 50s), simple, honest, direct, Irish Immigrant 1840s, and Older Russian Woman at Ellis Island;

Woman Two (Mid 20s) – Upwardly mobile Latina, also Mexican or Central American Migrant, strong, sometimes sharp - tongued, but with real warmth and vulnerability.