Friday, December 25, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 22, 2009

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(NEW) Asleep, staged reading
Please submit headshots and resumes to:

Seeking actors for Asleep, a second reading of the premier work by new playwright, Rob Grippa. The first reading was held at Don’t Tell Mama in July of 2008 to a sold-out crowd. Auditions and rehearsals will be held in NYC over the next 4 weeks. Please see the breakdown below for the roles currently being cast. Auditions are by invite only. If interested, please email a recent picture/resume and include your age range. If being considered, you will be contacted for an audition. There is no pay for this reading, although a stipend may be offered pending audience attendance. If chosen to stay with the show, pay may be offered for future productions. Tentative Reading Date: Saturday, January 9th @ 4PM, Don’t Tell Mama, 343 West 46th Street, NYC, NY.

Synopsis: Asleep is the story of a 17-year-old boy struggling to retain the life he almost didn’t have and of the mother who just can’t escape her past on account of him. After being forced to spend the summer with his grandmother, Sam Robinson, finds the father he never had in a local priest. Through meetings with this priest, Sam begins to feel whole for the first time. What Sam doesn’t realize is that everything is about to unravel and his life will be changed forever. Even with the support of a best friend back home, a girl he can’t seem to forget and a mother fighting for her dignity, Sam wonders if he will ever claim his right to life here on Earth. Written & Directed by Rob Grippa. No Pay.

– 17, modestly handsome, awkward but normal, comes from a broken home, intimidated by girls but wants to know what love feels like. Sam has never felt like he had a fair shot at life and very little can change that for him. He finds it too difficult to accept the truth and grow as a person on account of it. (Looking for 18-22 to play 17.)

FR. ROB – 34, attractive, football player in high school but has put on a few pounds over the years, confident yet gentle. Although he is comfortable with his new life, he has a secret past from which he clearly never recovered. After Sam comes into his life, he finds it harder and harder to escape all that he left behind and yearns for the path his life should have taken. (Looking for 25 – 40 to play 34.)

LOUISE ROBINSON – 65, possibly heavyset, very old-fashioned, prejudiced, doesn’t understand technology or children who rely on it, outlandish and ridiculous in nature, pushes her opinions on the world. She longs for the days life was easy and her daughter was still the decent person whom she raised. It her goal to bring her family back together and recover life as it was, or as she sees it. Must be very funny, but also sincere. (Looking for 40 – 70 to play 65.)

ALEX – 17. Everything out of his mouth is either sexual, inappropriate, off-color, obnoxious, a lie or more often than not, all of the above. He is Sam’s best friend and would do anything to mock him to his face, but anything to defend him behind his back. He relies on Sam, because nobody else can deal with him long enough to be considered a friend. Even though he talks all trash, he is a hopeless romantic deep down which comes out through some tender moments with Jayme. Must be very funny and willing to take risks. (Looking for 18-22 to play 17.)

JAYME WALSH – 17, smart, independent. She could be considered hot, but chooses to dress conservatively. Jayme is a very normal teenage girl who has ambitions of going to college, making her own money and having fun. She’s not intimidated by boys in the least and could have her fair share, but is too prudish to allow herself. She’s had a crush on Sam since 1st grade, but knows things will never get anywhere with him. Even though she tries to move on, she is never able to put him out of the picture. It is a wonder she hangs out with Alex and Sam at all, except for the fact that she is a deeply caring person that can’t easily give up on others. (Looking for 18-25 to play 17.)

(NEW) Duets, NJ
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 & Wednesday, January 6, 2010, 4:00 – 6:00 PM, Smiling Rhino Theatre 247 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442, 973-248-9491. Please bring a headshot & resume. Prepare a song in your vocal range (please bring sheet music). Be prepared to read sides. Those interested in dance, there will be a dance audition as well.

Smiling Rhino Theatre in Pompton Lakes, NJ, is holding auditions for Duets. Come be a part of a unique entertainment experience. This is a production composed of songs, scenes, music, movement, and dance. You will share the stage with one of your peers and perform in front of a live audience. This is a great opportunity to showcase young talent. Performance dates: February 19, 20, 21, 2010. Many of the acts will be backed and featured with an ensemble cast.

Seeking: Young talent is strongly encouraged to audition regardless of talent level. Requirements: Ages 7 – 18 will be seen.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 15, 2009

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(NEW) The Bohemians
Please send your headshot and resume to Dave:

Second Best Bed Productions in New York City is casting for The Bohemians. This is an original play written in the style of an Aristophanic comedy. In fact, the play is so aptly composed, that many prominent scholars are convinced that this work is actually a lost play of the great Aristophanes. Though an academic consensus has yet to be reached on this subject, it is safe to assume that such theories are likely correct. (wink, wink.)

Mediocates: (20-30, Male) Mediocrates is an aspiring writer, poet, painter, potter, congo-drummer, juggler, mime, dancer, and actor. He is a proud artist, determined to live his independent life. He is bankrolled by his father.

Hippocarates: (40-60, Male) Hippocrates is a wealthy, waspy, doctor. He is the father of Mediocrates. He loves money, and hates art. When he's not busy fulfilling his potential, he's reading the Wall Street Journal, and finishing a glass of whisky. He disapproves of Mediocrates' lifestyle, but no son of his will live on the street.

Xanthius (18- 75, Male) Xanthius is Mediocrates' quick witted slave. His opinion, which is never accepted, is nearly always correct. Actors who submit for this role must be gifted physical comedians.

The Chorus (15- 60, Male and Female) Bohemians of all shapes, sizes, colors, and types. Bohemians who hail from every decade this century. These bohemians are hippies, beatniks, metal-heads, punkers, hipsters, homeless, ad inf. The Chorus is composed of Mediocrates' best friends.

(NEW) The Who’s Tommy
Thurs, Dec 17th @ 7 PM, Auditions Will Be Held At The Nyack Center 58 Depew Ave. Nyack, NY 10960. For further information, directions and details visit our website at or contact Jim Guarasci at

The Antrim Players Announce Auditions for The Who's Tommy.

Director/Choreographer Randy Accardi. Performances will be at The Antrim Playhouse 15 Spook Rock Rd. Wesley Hills, NY 10901. Performance Dates: April 23, 24, 25, 30 May 1,2,7,8,9,14,15,16,21,22 & 23. Note: Additional benefit performances may be scheduled. Note: We are also looking for musicians, lighting and sound crew, stage managers and stage crew, costume and prop people and set construction workers.

-18-28 (able to play 18-20) strong rock tenor with falsetto, must move well.

Mrs. Walker-24-35, ages 25 years during show. Strong rock singer with belt. Must move well.

Capt. Walker-25-40, ages 25 years during show. Strong rock tenor, must move well.

Uncle Ernie-30-50, ages 25 years during show. Strong high baritone, must move well.

Cousin Kevin-17-28, able to play teenager. Strong rock tenor, must dance well.

Gypsy (Acid Queen)-25-50, Strong rock singer with belt, must move well.

Sally Simpson-17-28, able to play teenager, strong rock singer with belt. Must dance well.

Tommy (Age 4)-Theater kid who can understand direction. Must have rhythm and be able to sing.

Tommy (Age 10)-10-14, must pass for age 10. must understand direction, have rhythm and be able to sing.

Supporting Roles: Casting 6 females and 6 males for featured roles. Age range 17-60. All must sing and move well. Local lads and lasses 4 lads and 4 lasses will also play featured roles. Must sing and dance very well.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 8, 2009

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(NEW) SOME GIRL(S), auditions by appt.
Auditions/Callbacks: Wed, December 16, 2009 by appointment only, Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, 4th Floor. Btwn. 35th and 36th. Send headshot/resume to Sides will be provided.

No Rules Theatre Company is holding auditions by appointment for Some Girl(s) by Neil LaBute. H Street Playhouse. Washington, DC. ( Directed by Joshua Morgan. Rehearsals start 02/09/2010. Performances 03/04 - 03/21. Thursday - Sunday (Two shows on Saturday). $150/week.

Housing/Travel stipend provided.

Seeking: Tyler (25-30): A pot-smoking wild child. Likes to have a good time and knows how to joke and mess around. She is habitually good at rolling with the punches, but that doesn't make her insincere or out of touch. All ethnicities welcome.

Some Girl(s): A Play
by  Neil Labute

(NEW) Platanos and Collard Greens, open call
Open call on Saturday, December 12th from 2pm to 6pm at Roy Arias Studios at 300 W. 43rd Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) Room 500A. Please bring your headshot and resume. Sides will be distributed at the audition. Non Union. Stipend per performance, plus on tour hotel and transportation are provided.

Between the Lines Productions is casting the NYC and national touring productions of Platanos and Collard Greens. David Lamb, creator. Rehearsals begin immediately in NYC; currently running in NYC, plus various tour dates. For more information about the show visit New cast members are paid 50% of the above rates until successful completion of the three performances. New cast members are also expected to do some backstage work. Standard BTLP Company Member Rate: $100.00 Per Show – NYC (5 Boros). $125.00 Per Show – (Outside of 5 Boros) Non-overnight. $165.00 Per Show – Requiring overnight stay.

African-American Actors
: males and female, 18-22, to play college students; and African American male, 30s-40s to play father; and professor

Latina Actors: female, 18-22, to play college students, ability to speak Spanish a plus; and Latina female 30s-40s, to play the mother, ability to speak some Spanish a must. Note: All characters must be comfortable with spoken work/poetry/rap.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 1, 2009

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(NEW) Street University
Casting: December 5th. By Appointment only. Send headshot, resume and contact info (If you’re applying for ‘Eric,’ send mp3 or link) to

ColaWright Productions is casting Street University, an Off-Broadway comedic drama about talented people overcoming tough times. The dialog is funny and rich, the characters have depth you can sink your teeth into and the storyline is healing with life principals we can all use and really need right now. All actors must have comedic or straight man ability. We are looking for people: passionate about theater, longing for an impactful story, seeking ways to perfect their craft, who want to contribute their best to a collective so we can all move to the next level. Rehearsals begin early/mid January in midtown NYC. (All work will occur on evenings and weekends). Show’s Run: March - April, 2010. 15 perfs Thursday to Saturday evenings. Non-Union.

(Lead) AA/Ethnic, male mid-20’s- 30, must act and rap and/or sing. He considers himself above those living on the street. He has talent, unable to sit still and relax; he’s looking for a way out.

George: elderly AA, kind, charismatic, fatherly 40's-50’s. A man who has been through a lot and wants to help others learn from his mistakes and their own. Trying to turn his life around by holding up others. He can forgive others but not himself.

Miss Brown: AA, female 20’s, inner city tough, friendly; She is Shorty’s girlfriend who doesn’t take crap from anyone. She sees something in Shorty and they think the world of each other.

Renee: Nigerian man insightful. He is hopeful, determined to stay happy, he is taking steps to leave his boxing legacy behind and find his own place in America.

Michael: Eastern European, loud, curious and messy. He thrives on attention is funny without trying and he takes his situation in stride, sees his life as more carefree than homeless.

Shorty: an entrepreneurial clean freak. He is a natural salesman, always seeking personal growth; his strong outward character protects his venerability under the surface. Cares only about Miss Brown and making money to get them both out of "this situation".

Tuffy: an angry, homeless man. His gritty past has created an abrasive disposition which trips him up no matter how hard he tries to improve his situation. He finds joy in nature.

Paper: a quiet yet animated artist (mime talent is ideal). His creative Zen presence notices everything, he is Eric’s buddy.

Cliff: (Understudy) 30-50s An African American man whom can ‘pass’ for Caucasian. He is Ivy Leagued schooled yet working-class, has a tough, demanding personality which is often off putting. He is George’s buddy, yet keeps everyone else at arm’s length with arrogance.

Various other speaking roles all age range (30-50): 1 AA Female or Latina, 3 Males (1 Caucasian, 1 Latino, 1 African Amer.)

(NEW) You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Monday, December 7 & Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7:30pm, Strand Theater, 400 Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, NJ on Monday, December 7 and Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7:30pm.. Please prepare 16 bars of a up-tempo Broadway show tune and be ready to dance. An accompanist will be provided. Please, no CDs or "a capella" auditions. Ages 16 and up only, please.

The Strand in Lakewood, New Jersey, is casting for the musical You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Directed by Joseph Ficarra. Performance Dates: Jan 9 - 17. This crowd pleasing musical brings America’s favorite cartoon characters to life. Join the Peanuts gang in this fast paced, lighthearted musical, guaranteed to please audiences of all ages!

Charlie Brown
- Baritone.

Lucy van Pelt - Mezzo-Soprano.

Schroeder - Tenor.

Linus van Pelt - Baritone.

Snoopy - Tenor.

Sally Brown - Soprano.

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Nov 24, 2009

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(NEW) Backstory, non-Equity
Auditions: Thursday December 3rd, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Syracuse University Lubin House, 11 East 61st Street, NYC. Prepare side from show -[will provide via email]. Contact Phone: 315-443-1150/315-443-4008.

Syracuse Stage is now scheduling auditions for its upcoming BACKSTORY program, in which actors portray historic characters in Upstate NY schools. Salary, housing, rental car are provided. $525/wk. Contact: Lauren Unbekant. Show duration: 1/18 - 3/19. Non-Union.

Harriet Tubman
[contract dates: 1/18 - 2/26].
George Washington Carver [contract dates: 2/8 - 3/19].

(NEW) Love Hurts, non-Equity
GOD WILL PRODUCTIONS is casting for the non-union play Love Hurts. Starts Feb. 9, 2010. Location: New York. Please submit headshots and resumes to:

Synopsis: Four couples, one who is Caucasian who have been friends since High School are having their annual reunion. Every year they meet up at Diane’s and Wayne summer home upstate. While on their vacation, they play their usually game Truth or Dare, but this year a whole lot has changed…hidden desires and secrets are pushed to the surface. Secrets that will not just threaten this long lasting bond of friendship but the marriages and families of all involved. This play examines the inner thoughts and desires of people in love and how much they hurt if secrets are kept. Can the truth really set us free?

(27-35) Super sexy attractive African American female. She owns her own upscale salon and supports who husband, who's pursuing a gospel musical career, but never let's him hear the end of it.

Gwen (40-50 female African American) Stylish and attractive mother to Diane and Shanee. She favors Diane over Shanee and never let her hear the end of it. She's also constantly bickering with coco (Diane’s best friend). She just doesn't like her and shows it.

David (27-35) Attractive African American male. Husband to coco. Pursuing a gospel recording career. Very attractive. Must be able to sing and move well. Please prepare a song. Please email for sides.

Bree (27-35) Attractive, smart, ambitious professional, plus size African American female age 27-35. Deals with abusive husband and weight issues, must be able to sing. Please e-mail for sides.

Wayne (25-37). Supportive husband to Diane. Lawyer, mild-mannered, kindhearted.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Nov 17, 2009

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(NEW) Tony N Tina’s Wedding - OPEN Auditions (Equity/non)
Thurs, Nov. 19, 10:30AM - 2:30PM, Sofia's Downstairs, 221 West 46th St. (bet Broadway & 8th Ave). New York, NY. Please prepare a short comedic monologue. Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together

Broadway Entertainment is holding open auditions for Tony N Tina’s Wedding. Director: Larry Pellegrini. Contract. Special Agreement. Ref. Off-Broadway. The producer will run all aspects of this audition. No Equity monitor will be provided.

Tina’s Mother: 45 – 55. Very dramatic.

Tony’s Father: 45 – 55. Charismatic.

Maddie: The stripper.

Vinnie the Caterer. Seeking a character actor; stand-up experience a plus.

Father Mark: The priest. Seeking a character actor.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: 20 – 30.

(NEW) A Handful of Dust, Dinner Theater, NJ
Please email photo/resume and part submitting for to See for more. Audition dates TBD.

MJ Productions is casting for an original musical production, A Handful of Dust, to be performed in central NJ Dinner Theater in late December. No pay.

James McGruder (lead)
—mid to late 20's, federal marshal, baritone.

Sally Clanton (lead)—early to mid 20's, local singer who dreams of hitting the big time, alto/mezzo with belt.

Rowdy Kate—mid to late 30's, patroness of a saloon. Tough and matronly.

Arturo Valenzuela—mid to late 30's, comedic vicious bandit.

Min Thu—20's-30's, traveling salesman, baritone.

esman, baritone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Nov 10, 2009

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Saturday, November 14th at 11AM. You must be signed in by 11AM in order to be guaranteed an audition. 115 W. 45th Street, 12th floor (between 6th & 7th Aves). Please line up in the order of arrival. Unofficial sign-in sheets will not be honored. The producer will run all aspects of this call. Equity audition procedures will NOT be in effect, and no Equity Monitor will be provided. Please prepare one song in the style of the show (1920's or 1930's inspired music. i.e. Ain't Misbehavin', Purlie). You will also be given a short side at the audition to read. There will be an invited dance call on a separate day. You will not be asked to dance at the open call. Please bring an updated picture & resume stapled. Equity Principal Auditions were held on Monday, November 9. Note that all actors in the production will be signed to Equity contracts.

The Vineyard Theatre is holding auditions for The Scottsboro Boys. Music & Lyrics: John Kander and Fred Ebb. Director: Susan Stroman. Producer: The Vineyard Theatre. Book: David Thompson. Music Director: David Loud. Casting: Jim Carnahan. ANTC. $428/week. Commitment dates: January 4 – end of February 2010.

Seeking: Male African American actors: 13-50 years old, who sing & act extremely well. Some roles require dance skills, especially tap.

(NEW) Peek - Holiday Show
Friday, November 16th, from 7pm - 10pm by Appointment only. Location will be given when appointment is made. Contact Melissa Menzie, Please note in your cover letter if you play an instrument.

The Ampersand Theatre Company of Hoboken, NJ, is casting for our upcoming holiday show, Peek. A collection of skits and holiday music. Performances will be December 19th, 2009 at the Bridge Theatre, Shetler Studios. (2, possibly 3 shows that day). Non Union only. No Pay. Salary: N/A. Performers must be able to attend all rehearsals: Tues, Dec 8th: 8:30-10:30; Mon, Dec 14th: 7:30-10:30; Tues, Dec 15th 7-10; Wed, Dec 16th 7:30-10:30;

Fri, Dec 18th 7-10; Sat. December 19th - performers will be called in the morning for a quick tech rehearsal; performances will start at 2pm.

Seeking: 2 women and 4 men of all types to play various roles. Actors must also be able to sing (or at least carry a tune) People who play piano, guitar or other instruments are strongly encouraged to audition.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Nov 3, 2009

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Thursday, November 12, 2009 from 10AM - 6PM, lunch from 1-2. Irish Repertory Theatre, 132 West 22nd Street, New York City. The producer will run all aspects of this call. Equity audition procedures will NOT be in effect, and no Equity Monitor will be provided.

For an appointment, call (215) 297-8540. Please prepare a song (at least 16 bars) to sing. Auditioning performers will also be asked to read; sides will be provided at the audition. Visually-impaired performers may request an advance copy of sides when making an audition appointment. Please bring a picture and resume (with musical instrument skills highlighted), stapled together.

"Off Broadway Productions" of Carversville PA will be holding open auditions for The Irish and How They Got That Way. SPT, 318/week minimum. Producer: Howard Perloff. Author: Frank McCourt. Music: Irish Folk Songs. Director: Danielle Colombo. Choreographer: Peter John Rios. Produced by Howard Perloff. First rehearsal: December 14, 2009. Runs January 7 – April 21, 2010. At callbacks (on Friday, November 13), auditioning performers will be asked to bring their instruments. A dance audition will also be an element of the callback.

Seeking: Five Performers (M/F): Three men/two women or three women/two men. Characters are 20s – 40s. Seeking singers/instrumental musicians/actors. Irish accent a plus but not necessary. Some dance experience helpful but not necessary. All actors MUST sing and play an instrument; especially interested in piano, percussion, violin/fiddle, guitar and flute: Other instruments may also be considered.

(NEW) Non-Union Actors/Actress & SM
Auditions are by appointment only. Committed, ambitious actors please email you resume & headshot to or mail it to: The Jewish Theater of New York, Casting Dept/P93, P.O.B. 845, Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108

The Jewish Theater of New York is seeking nonunion performers plus Stage Manager for Press #93 for Kosher Jewish Girls in Krakow, a comedy about an extreme-right cult equipped with the newest in hi-tech. Rehearsals are in December/January. Play opens January 17, 2 performances a week: Sun@3 & Wed@8p. No fee for first 21 performances; fee if show continues. All actors must have excellent comic timing.

Moishe – Male, 20-27 years of age. Son of the cult leader, Moishe is a charismatic fellow in charge of preserving Modesty Rules.

Yankee – Male, 20-27. A curious man by nature, Yankee is constantly tempted by Satan.

Hayeh – Female, 18-22. Full of life, Hayeh is actually dead -- but she's the most beautiful creature ever to show up in the cult's neighborhood.

Enforcer – Male, 40-50. A tough man who finds pleasure in cruelty.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 27, 2009

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(NEW) A Doll’s House, non-Equity
To set up an audition, please email headshot, resume and preferred audition date (either 10/28 or 10/29) to Anthony Castellano at You will be e-mailed back a date and time based on availability. For auditions, if contacted, please prepare a contemporary one minute dramatic monologue. Please familiarize yourself with A Doll's House before auditioning.

Hip Obscurity will be holding auditions for its next production of an adaptation of Hendrick Ibsen's A Doll's House (directed by Anthony Castellano) on Wednesday October 28th and Thursday October 29th from 8-10pm on both nights. Performance dates are January 14-17 and 21-24th of 2010. First rehearsal will begin November 5th 2009. Rehearsals will be held evenings and weekends.

Torvald Helmer
(Late 20s-Mid 30s) is the new manager of the bank. He is married to Nora and has three beautiful children. He prides himself in being a good husband and believes that reputation and public appearance is of the utmost importance.

Christine Linde (Mid 20s-Mid 30s) is an old friend of Nora's from their school days. She comes to look for work and we find out that she was in love with Krogstad but due to a financial situation she entered into a loveless marriage. She is now over worked, tired and has nothing but still she feels the need to continue to work.

Nils Krogstad (Mid 20s- Mid 30s) works at the bank and has many other jobs in the past. He is old schoolmates with Torvald and was in love with Christine. He then married and had children but is a widower at present. Nils has a scandalous reputation and when his job is called into question he has some leverage to try to change the outcome. At times he shows no mercy but everything he does has motive and good intent.

Dr. Rank (Early 30s-40) is best friends with Torvald and Nora. He is suffering from a disease that he had inherited from his father's excessive love life, which he knows he will soon die from. He is very trustworthy and enjoys listening to Nora and her stories.

Anne (the maid) (Late 30s-Mid 40s) is the Helmer's maid and nanny to the children. She gave up her own child to be Nora's Nanny and now has stayed with the family all this time. She is wise and good at following orders. All ethnicities are encouraged to submit. PLEASE NOTE: The part of Nora has already been cast.

A Doll's House
by Ibsen, Henrik Johan

(NEW) The Red Umbrella, showcase
For consideration, e-mail picture and resume to:

Accepting submissions for the showcase The Red Umbrella. Equity Showcase Code, approval pending; $400 stipend. Artistic Director: Roger Danforth. Writer: Jason Williamson. Director: Ed Sylvanus Iskandar. Casting: Dani Super. 1st rehearsal: December 1, 2009. Runs: December 10 – 13, at the Abingdon Theatre, 312 West 36th Street (5 performances). Auditions will be held by appointment only on November 4 and 6. Looking for actors who have the ability to collaborate and to be physically creative on a bare stage. Understanding what it is to be theatrical and having the ability to be clear, straightforward and unfussy with heightened text are key for this project. Viewpoints or moment work training is desirable, as is practice of good vocal usage

Late 20s to late 30s. Peter is an uncommonly gentle Everyman with universal appeal. The audience should feel a strong instinctive urge to take care of him. He is unwittingly irresistible. Immediately sympathetic, he is vulnerable and haunted. He is a guileless dreamer; affably off-beat, charmingly awkward and disarmingly sensitive. He is a guy’s guy, fighting fit and magnetically good-looking (without knowing it). He should not appear too airbrushed or polished. His vulnerability is the true source of his attractiveness. There is a suggestion of a man-boy about him; someone whose emotional development stalled in his teens. He is looking for direction and purpose, and we should root for him. An innocent lamb amongst wolves.

Death: 20s, should appear more youthful than either Peter or Angela. Death is a Vision. She is vivacious, ethereal, and unattainably beautiful. She is passionate, impulsive, chaotic, and incredibly lonely. She glows with compassion, empathy and love. As is often the case with unworldly beauty, she is somewhat shy, misanthropic and can be alienating. There is no suggestion of pornography or exhibitionism in her carriage, her voice or her presentation. She is a mischievous prankster who holds the wisdom of Time. An intoxicating, effervescent, forever youthful goddess. The actress playing Death will have to appear in a swimsuit. All actresses being submitted need to be comfortable with this. She should be in great physical shape, and should look healthy and immaculately groomed. Her appearance and her manner should be natural and totally effortless.

Angela: Late 20s to late 30s, a contemporary of Peter’s. Angela is a fragile survivor with a heart-rending smile. She is not brittle or cold, but yielding, pliant, warm. She is marked by great tragedy, and hides behind wit and quirkiness. She is also remarkably pretty in her own way; she should not look like second fiddle in comparison to Death. She is pragmatic, straightforward, and human. She is a realist who has found great romance in embracing the imperfect. There is something movingly honest about her. There is also great sadness within her, but this has not closed her to the world. She is a sensitive live wire who feels everything exponentially more than the rest of us. She plays no games and has no hidden agenda. She is a lost soul looking for the solace of connection. Broken porcelain held together by pure resilience.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 21, 2009

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(NEW) Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Audition dates are November 16th and 18th from 7:30-9:30. Looking for adults and mature teens. Please prepare a song that shows your vocal range and personality and be prepared to read from the script. Please call the theatre at 973-248-9491 for more information. Smiling Rhino Theatre is located at 247 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ. Carmela Wolosz, Smiling Rhino Theatre. 973-248-9491.

Smiling Rhino Theatre is proud to announce auditions for their upcoming musical Fairy Tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Dan Reed directs and Sue Chandler, Musical Director. Show dates are January 29, 30, 31, Feb. 5, 6, 7, 2010. This original version of the classic tale of a young princess who is ordered killed by her stepmother, the jealous new queen. Abandoned in the forest, Snow White takes up residence with seven little men who are captivated by her beauty and who protect her against the wicked queen and her magic mirror. When it appears that the queen finally triumphs, it will be the kiss of a handsome prince that will save the day. Snow White features a cast of 11 and boasts a score written by Broadway composer Michael Valenti and a book written by award-winning children's playwright Elsa Rael. The play is performed in the Broadway style to live musical accompaniment against a fully realized setting. All roles available and seeking variety in casting!

Wednesday, October 21 from 10AM to 2PM, at Ripley Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue, Room 16J, NYC. Saturday October 24 from 10AM - 2PM, Sunday and October 25 from 6PM to 9PM at Judson Church Office, 230 Thompson Street, NYC. Prepare 16 to 32 bars of a legit musical theater song that shows your range and musicality (in vein of R&H, Gershwin, Porter, Kern). Also have material available of other styles to show versatility (Folk/Country, Classical) if asked. Also prepare 15 to 30 seconds of narrative text from novel, story, or news. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

The Theater at Judson of NYC is holding open auditions for dancers for Christmas Rappings. Equity Showcase. Director: Russell Treyz. Musical Director: Brent Frederick.

Stage Manager: Jared Goldstein. By Al Carmines. First rehearsal: November 1, 2009, evenings and weekends. Runs: December 4 – 19 (Wednesday off).

Seeking: Male and Female singers of all types and ethnicities, dancers (belly and ballroom-tango). Dancers are encouraged to participate. Belly dancers and ballroom tango dancers are needed. Scored for piano, finger cymbals, and tambourine. This is a theatre piece for solo singers, chorus, dancers, and pianist. It is a multi-ethnic musical theater performance created by Al Carmines based on the Christmas story and other excerpts from the Bible. An hour and a half in length, the music covers all genres from country to classic to blues to gospel to a tango to "show tunes". There are many solos (about 20), plus duets, trios, quartets, octets, and a large chorus. Rappings (in the 1960-70s sense of "talking about and/or having a discussion/debate") involves strong melodies, challenging choral work, and a unique holiday experience.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 13, 2009

The Drama Book Shop Stage Casting is Sponsored by

(NEW) Christmas Rappings - Open Call
Wednesday, October 21: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM: Ripley Grier, 520 Eighth Ave - 16J, New York, NY. Saturday, October 24 3:00 - 7:00 PM; and Sunday, October 25 6:00 - 9:00 PM: Judson Offices, 239 Thompson St (block south of Washington Square), NYC. Please prepare 16 to 32 bars of a legit musical theater song that shows your range and musicality (in vein of R&H, Gershwin, Porter, Kern). Also have material available of other styles to show versatility (Folk/Country, Classical) if asked. Also 15 to 30 seconds of narrative text from novel, story, or newspaper article.

Theater at Judson is seeking multi-ethnic strong singers for ensemble and lead roles in the 40th Anniversary Revival of Christmas Rappings. Non-Union. No Pay. Duration: Nov 1 - Dec. 19. Contact Russell Treyz.

Seeking: Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and especially Baritone-Bass. Music styles include: Classic Broadway, classical (all periods), and folk/country. 40th Anniversary revival of Christmas Rappings, by Al Carmines, "A musical theatre/performance piece for solo singers, chorus, dancers, and pianist" (Belly Dancers also needed).

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) A Christmas Carol, non-Equity
October 26, 2008 - sign-ups begin at 9:00am. Be warmed up and ready to dance by 10:00am. Callbacks will take place that afternoon and those called back will be asked to sing. Prepare a song and bring sheet music, accompanist will be provided. Where: Chelsea Studios - 151 West 26th Street NYC, Studio 602. Notes/What to bring: Headshot/Resume, Sheet Music.

McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, NJ, is holding a non-Equity open dance call for A Christmas Carol. Category: Performer. Note: Fantastic opportunity to work under a great director in a production of A Christmas Carol. One role will be cast from ensemble, CHARLOTTE FEZZIWIG. This role will receive an additional stipend. Non-Equity contract. Artistic Director: Emily Mann. Author: Charles Dickens, adaptation by David Thompson.

Director: Michael Unger. Choreography by: Rob Ashford. Casting: Laura Stanczyk. Reh: 11/13/09 . Runs: 12/06/09 – 12/27/09. Auditions: 10/26/09.

Dancers/Singers: 20s. All Ethnicities, Male and Female. Must be strong dancers who sing well.

Charlotte Fezziwig: 20s Slightly awkward daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig. Goofy, flirtatious and funny. Dancer who sings. Union Information. Non-Equity only. Stipend.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Currently Casting

Blackfriars Playhouse, VA










NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12

Arkansas Repertory Theatre



NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12 & 10/13

Bram Stoker's Dracula, LLC


NYC Audition EPA 10/14-10/16

White Horse Theatre Co.


NYC Audition in late Oct./early Nov. by appt.

Two Rivers Theatre Company


NYC Audition by appt. 11/3 & 11/4

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 6, 2009

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(NEW) The Effects of Suburbia on an Otherwise Normal Brain
Auditions by appointment: Fri, Oct. 16. New York, picture and resume to Jodi smith

NativeAliens Theatre Collective is casting a new comedic play being produced for the first time. Actors will be cast in multiple roles. This play will run for one week. Looking for all types for multiple characters. Looking for actors that can play guitar, keyboard, drums, etc. as well. No Pay. Starts Nov. 2. Non-Union, AEA, AEA Eligible

(18-40 Male) Gavin is a character who in actuality would be in his 20s or early 30s, but is a "character" that can be played by any age actor. This character is an angst driven poet that believe in order to write great poetry he must suffer. Comedic.

Narrator (18-30 any gender) Narration will be done by a musical group. Looking for men and women between the ages of 18 and 30. Also looking for group members that can play an instrument as well.

 Kevin (18-40 male) Kevin is a 16 year old celebrating Christmas with his family and experiences life where people tell the truth to one another for the first time. This is a "character" and can be played by any age actor. Lenore (18-40 female)

Lenore is a very simple executive assistant celebrating her birthday with her less than politically correct boss. This is a "character" and any age can play this role.

(NEW) American Amerique, Non-Union Tour
NYC Auditions By Appointment Early November. Please send picture and resume to: The JENA Company, 1650 Broadway/Suite 1107, New York, NY 10019; or email to

The Jena Company will be holding auditions for American Amerique. Rehearsals: NYC starting Dec. 28. Tour: January 25 – March 7 (one-niters at universities and performing arts centers throughout the U.S.) Rehearsal Pay, Road Salary & Per Diem, and Housing Provided. Casting Highly Skilled Multi-Ethnic (Hispanic, Asian, Black, and White) character actors and actresses of Wide Age Range for Non-Union Tour of new play America Amerique: Stories of American Immigrants, Then and Now (1845 to the Present). Director: Alex Levy; Producer: John Adams/The JENA Company.

Seeking: 5 Male, 2 Female Performers will play multiple characters. Specific Roles are:

Man One (Mid 20s – Mid 30s) – strong, rough-edged, Ellis Island Examiner, and Angry Man In The Street;

Man Two (Late 20’s – 40s) – Multiple Roles & the Narrator – empathetic, also sharply observant, sometimes cynical;

Man Three (Older –or must read as Older Character Type, 50s – 60s) –Upper Crust New Yorker, Old World Russian Jew (1900), Italian Father (1940);

Man Four (18 - 25) – strong but also vulnerable – from Young Irishman 1840s, Teenage Russian Immigrant to Young Mexican in 1930s L.A.

Man Five (Mid 20s – Mid 40s) – large masculine presence, down to earth working man – Mexican Immigrant, Ellis Island Interpreter, Border Guard, and Bartolomeo Vanzetti.

Woman One (Mid 20s – Mid 50s), simple, honest, direct, Irish Immigrant 1840s, and Older Russian Woman at Ellis Island;

Woman Two (Mid 20s) – Upwardly mobile Latina, also Mexican or Central American Migrant, strong, sometimes sharp - tongued, but with real warmth and vulnerability.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 29, 2009

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(NEW) BOYNTON BEACH CLUB: a musical — OPEN Auditions
Thursday, October 8, 2009 from 2PM - 5PM, at The York Theatre Company at St. Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Ave. Enter on East 54 Street bet Lexington and Third, New York, NY. Equity audition procedures are NOT in effect. No Equity monitor provided. Producer runs all aspects of the audition. Prepare a musical theatre song, that shows off your voice and personality. Bring sheet music, pianist provided. Bring picture and resume, stapled together. If you are unable to attend and wish to be considered for Boynton Beach Club please mail your picture and resume to: Mark Simon Casting, 240 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036, ATTN: BEACH.

The York Theatre Company will be holding open auditions for Boynton Beach Club: A Musical. James Morgan, Brian Blythe, NYC. Equity 29-hour reading; $150 stipend. Director: Gabe Barre. Book: Susan Seidelman. Music: Ned Paul Ginsburg. Lyrics: Michael Colby. Musical Director: TBA. Casting: Mark Simon. Rehearses: November 9 - 18, 2009 (approximate). Reading date: November 19 and 20. NOTE: Based on the movie Boynton Beach Club. We will work around show schedules.

Seeking all ethnicities for the following:
Jack Goodman: 60s, a widower, old fashion manners, "a gentleman" nice looking, may be a bit out of shape. Voice: High baritone LEAD.

Harry Fanelli: Early 60s. Hip- a ladies man. Confident. A good comedic actor. Voice: High baritone. LEAD.

Lois Paulson: 50s. Vivacious, sexy, blonde a +, still very attractive. An interior decorator, she is also emotionally generous and helpful. Voice: Soprano or mezzo with high notes. LEAD.

Marilyn Carter: Around 60. Traditional housewife, she was very dependent on her husband. She is still struggling with his sudden death. We see her heal and become strong, independent and confident. Voice: Alto with high notes or mezzo, solid belt. LEAD.

Donald Best: 50s, tall, charismatic, a Prince Charming. Lois’ boyfriend. Classy, confident, intelligent but secretive. Voice: High baritone or bari-tenor.

Sandy Wells: 60s. Sexy, attractive, elegant, yet shows her insecurity and need to please. Voice: Mezzo or soprano. Actors to play multiple roles from the following:

Singing Trio: Lois’s friends from the Bereavement Club:

Camille: Sexy, funny, plump.

Mimi: Sweet, prim, ditzy.

Roz: Around 60. Feisty, direct, tells-it-like-it is.

Florence: 40s. Internet dater, gorgeous with a secret life. Seeking a truly versatile actress, she also plays Anita, 60s, self-centered, comically gauche, platinum blonde plus other characters. Voice: Sulty alto with high notes or mezzo.

Harry Fanelli’s Card-Playing Friends: (Jazz group singing a +):

Bernie: 60s. Gawky, nervous. Good character type to play multiple roles. Voice: Tenor.

Marv: 60s. Candid, brusque. 5’10"+ slim, a good dancer plus other characters Voice: Baritone.

Milton: 60s. Horny, sardonic, good character actor to play other roles. Voice: Bass with great low notes.

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) The Talk, auditions by appt.
Auditions by appointment Saturday, October 3 from 10am-1pm. Electronic submissions only. Please email headshot and resume to In subject line please state role you are submitting for. Sides and script will be made available online with audition slots.

Gabrielle Fox in association with John Chatterton is holding auditions for The Talk, directed by Troy Miller as part of Short Subjects (continued) at Where Eagles Dare Studios. The Talk explores what happens when a family struggles to keep a secret a secret. Perceptions, distortion and manipulation in a suburban home. Also seeking stage manager. First rehearsal Monday October 12. Performance dates November 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22.

40 year old man. Typical suburban male business casual. Lean and fit. Married to Michelle and a closeted homosexual.

Marty: 40 year old man. Grew up with David. Openly gay. Good looking, well groomed. Jake’s Godfather.

Jake: 12 year old son of David and Michelle. Typical kid but with the air of wisdom and maturity that can come from dealing with dysfunction.

Michelle: 39 year old woman. Typical suburban woman, happy on the surface with depression and anger lingering underneath.

Ray: 50 year old man. Rough around the edges. Michelle’s brother. A lawyer only out for himself.

Currently Casting

The Barrow Street Theatre, Off-B’way


NYC Audition by appt. ASAP   

White Horse Theatre Co.


NYC Audition in late Oct./early Nov. by appt.

Actors Shakespeare Co. @ NJCU


NJ Audition 9/29

National Tour


NYC Audition EPA 9/30

Folger Theatre, DC


NYC Audition EPA 9/30

Capital Repertory Theatre


NYC Audition by Appt. 9/30

Maltz Jupiter Theatre, FL


NYC Audition EPA 10/5

Geva Theatre & Syracuse Stage


NYC Audition by Appt. 10/5-10/7

Blackfriars Playhouse, VA










NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12

Arkansas Repertory Theatre



NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12 & 10/13

Two Rivers Theatre Company


NYC Audition by appt. 11/3 & 11/4

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 22, 2009

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(NEW) Dear Edwina
Open call for male and female singer/actors who move well will be held Monday, October 5, 2009 at 10 a.m. Please sign in by 10:00 a.m. Location: Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY. Please prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song with sheet music in the appropriate key that shows off range and personality, and bring your book. All auditioning MUST bring sheet music for a piano accompanist and a current headshot/resume, stapled together. Typing may occur.

ALL ETHNICITIES STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. All positions are paid. Dave Clemmons Casting is holding auditions for the upcoming off-Broadway run of Dear Edwina. Music by Zina Goldrich; Book and lyrics by Marcy Heisler; Directed by Timothy McDonald; Choreographed by Steven Kennedy; Casting Director – Joy Dewing; Produced by Daryl Roth. Rehearsal begins Nov. 30, 2009; opens Dec. 11, 2009 at DR2 Theatre, New York, NY. Runs through February 15, 2010.

Seeking: Versatile male and female actors, excellent singers who move well, 18 and up, all types and ethnicities, with a great sense of humor (impressions and/or characters a plus) to play:
Edwina: Belt w/ a high mix and wide range. 13-year-old advice giver extraordinaire, also director/choreographer/star of the Spoonapple Repertory Theatre. Bright, creative, ambitious, wise.

Billy: Comedic baritenor, overweight, obnoxious, gross but loveable.

Kelli: Mix w/ soprano to high C, Edwina's cool and sophisticated ballerina next-door neighbor, who also triples as Katie Spoonapple, Edwina's little sister, a nerdy math whiz; and Ann Van Buren, a talent scout.

Bobby: Tenor, the new kid. Quiet, shy – but still waters run deep.

Annie: Belt w/mix, low G to high G, Edwina's friend, and Girl Scout cookie selling champion.

Scott: High tenor, must have hi A, Edwina's friend, shy and helplessly in love with Edwina.

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) Theatre HAN
Auditions by appointment only. Email headshot/resume to
Theatre HAN, critically acclaimed off-off theatre company for its inaugural production of Gao Xingjian's The Bus Stop, will present Chekhov's short plays this December–

The Proposal, The Bear, and Swan Song (Translation by Paul Schmidt). The show will run from December 1st through December 20th (16 performances) at Theatre 54, 244 West 54th Street, NYC. Pending Equity Approval. Looking for stage-worthy actors dedicated to truthful performance. Theatre HAN strongly promotes multi-cultural, multi-racial casting. Minorities strongly encouraged to audition.

The Proposal:

Stepan Stepanich Chbukov:
male, a landowner, in his sixties.

Ivan Vassilievich Lomov: male, neighbor, in his thirties.

The Bear:
Grigory Stepanovich Smirnoff:
male, landowner, in his thirties.

Luka: male, an elderly servant.

Swan Song:
Vasily Vasilich Svetlidov:
male, an actor, about 68 years old.

Nikita Ivanich: male, the prompter, an old man.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 15, 2009

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(NEW) Die, Mommie, Die!
Thursday Sept 17th at 7:30pm, Foster Hall, 2474 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461
Take the 6 train to Westchester Square Station and take a right out of the station.
718-823-6434. Sides will be provided. Monologues okay but not required. Email contact

Center Stage Community Playhouse is holding auditions for Charles Busch's zany parody Die, Mommie, Die!, directed by Shani Murfin (A New Brain). This comic melodrama evokes the 1960's movie thrillers that featured such aging cinematic icons as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward. Faded pop singer, Angela Andrews, is trapped in a corrosive marriage to film producer, Sol Sussman. In her attempt to find happiness with her younger lover, an out of work TV star, Angela murders her husband with the aid of a poisoned suppository. In a plot that reflects both Greek tragedy as well as Hollywood folklore, Angela's resentful daughter, Edith, convinces Angela's emotionally disturbed son, Lance, to avenge their father's death by killing their mother. Lance, demanding proof of Angela's crime, slips some LSD into her after-dinner coffee, triggering a wild acid trip that exposes all of Angela's dark secrets. Production Dates: November 6, 7, 8, 13, 4, 15, 20, 21, 2009 Evenings at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm. No Pay.

Angela Arden
- 40s - Aging singing star of indeterminate age, in the style of the aging screen sirens of the 1960's. Can be played by a woman or a Female Impersonator.

Edith Sussman - 21 - Daddy's girl with a manipulative twist in a Mod package.

Bootsie Carp - 30s+ - Dedicated family housekeeper with a drinking problem and a love for Jesus.

Tony Parker - 30s - Hollywood actor with a reputation.

Sol Sussman - 50s - Movie producer mogul with constipation.

Lance Sussman - 19 - Son with gay tendencies and occasional explosive rage.

(NEW) Play On!, CT
Tuesday, September 15th & Wednesday, September 16th at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall Council Chambers at 131 Cedar Street (Rt. 175) in Newington, CT. Email:

Theatre Newington On Stage, a non-profit, community theatre group in existence since 1962, announces auditions for the Rick Abbot comedy Play On! Ever been in that show that you knew was going to implode on opening night? When a theatre group is offered a royalty-free play, Murder Most Foul from a novice playwright, they welcome the chance to return the theatre’s finances "to black ink" for the first time in years. They rehearse desperately, amid non-stop interference from the authoress, who continually revises the script until almost opening night. During the actual performance anything that can go wrong does. The actors are awful, the script is appalling, and the props malfunction. The "play within a play" somehow strikes all the right notes in this wildly discordant comedy.

Rehearsals begin on Sunday, October 18th and the show will run Friday and Saturday evenings December 11th and 12th. Performances will be held in the beautiful Scottish Rite Temple Auditorium, located at 207 Deming Street in Newington. This is TNOS’ third appearance at this venue. Those who prefer working behind the scenes or in front of the house are also encouraged to attend. TNOS is accessible by phone: (860) 202-9793 and electronically: Website: Email:

Seeking: seven women (playing mid-20'-60’s) and three men (playing late 20’s-60’s). British accents are required for three female and all male characters. Scripts will be available at audition sessions for cold readings.

Currently Casting

Arkansas Repertory Theatre


NYC Audition EPA 9/15 & 9/16



NYC Audition EPA 9/16

Florida Studio Theatre, FL


NYC Audition EPA 9/21 - Sub. Deadline 9/11

Blackfriars Playhouse, VA










NYC Audition by Appt. 10/12

Two Rivers Theatre Company


NYC Audition by appt. 11/3 & 11/4

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 8, 2009

The Drama Book Shop Stage Casting is Sponsored by

Auditions will be held as soon as possible, by appointment only. Please send cover letter, headshot & resume to Aliza Shane at Seeking non-union actors who are good at comedy and improvisation as the process will be extremely collaborative. The play will be classical mixed with modern - so actors should be skilled at both genres. Musical or dancing ability, ability to play a musical instrument is a plus. All roles can be played by actors of any ethnicity.

The Looking Glass Theatre of New York City is casting for Are You There, Zeus? It’s Me, Electra, a new tragicomedy based on the Greek tragedy Electra, written & directed by Aliza Shane. Evening and weekend rehearsals begin early September. Performs October 28-November 22, Thursday-Sunday, evenings only. A New Tragicomedy Based on Sophocles’s Electra. Electra is angry, ruthless, and hell- bent on revenge. Too bad she’s only 16… All characters will be played by adults.

ORESTES: male, Electra’s long lost brother who has returned to help her with her plan, able to play a teenager;

PYLADES: Male or Female, Orestes’ friend who returns with him to help carry out the plan, able to play a teenager;

CLYTEMNESTRA: female, Electra’s mother, an evil predator, who murdered her first husband and moved on to a much younger man, a 40’s-50’s cougar;

AEGISTHUS: male, Clytemnestra’s dumb, vapid and good looking new boy toy, a male bimbo, early 20’s.

(NEW) Duet for Solo Voice - Non-Union
Please email photo and resume (with one full length shot, optional) ASAP to or mail photo and resume to Attn: Duet Casting, c/o Stanley Sherman, 203 West 14th St, Studio 5F, New York, NY 10011. Off-off Broadway, no pay but a lot of fun! More info on the play:

Announcing non-union auditions for immediate casting of a male-female couple for Duet for Solo Voice, a play by David Scott Milton and directed by Stanley Allan Sherman. Performances: Theatre for the New City, September 24 to October 11, 2009. Th-Sat at 8:00 pm, Sun at 3:00 pm, runs one hour.

Seeking: 1 Male and 1 Female, to supply offstage voices and play a hooker and her customer who fall through the ceiling when the desk clerk pulls on a pipe. It's a sight gag, no stunt work required. Favor male who approximately resembles the actor playing the night clerk: Caucasian, brown hair, tall, slender to medium build, age unimportant. Insults the desk clerk. Doubles for the KGB agent who is pursuing him

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 3, 2009

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(NEW) Traveling Lantern Theatre Co.
Please submit info ASAP to Interview/auditions will be by appointment.

The Traveling Lantern Theatre Co. is seeking one male actor to play Scrooge and multiple parts in The Sword in the Stone for the Fall 09 tour. The actor MUST own a vehicle with valid insurance. These are 45 minute plays for children performed at NY public libraries and elementary schools in NY and NJ. Portable sets, costumes and props are the actors responsibility to transport. Independent contractor contracts non-union. Prior experience a plus. Rehearsals begin first week of Oct. with bookings from Oct. 15th thru Dec. 23rd. Over 40 bookings so far with more to come. Must have flexible day schedule. Please visit our web-site for more about our company at

Rehearsal stipend + $60.00 per show and gas mileage.

(NEW) Prospect Theater Company
To be considered for an audition appointment (Sept. 3-12) please email headshot and resume to More info at

The Prospect Theater Company of New York, NY is seeking outstanding non-union singers/actors to participate in musical theater projects for its 2009/2010 season, including a new youth musical, to be developed during the fall of 2009.

of all age ranges, types, and ethnic backgrounds.

Children, ages 9-14, from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

(NEW) MARIA MY LOVE, feature
Please submit headshot, resume and link to reel/videos if applicable to Submission deadline: September 17, 2009.

3 Daughters Films, LLC is casting for the feature film "Maria My Love." SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement. SAG Rep: Renae Robinson. Prod # 247293. Filming in HD, September and October, in New York. Minimums: $100 Per Day. SAG ultra low budget rate $100/day, meals, DVD (n/a). Maria My Love is inspired by a true story -- it's about a 22 year-old woman who, in an effort to recover from the death of her mother, sets out on a quest to help people, but winds up encountering situations more emotionally and morally complicated than she had expected to find.

Expectant Mother/Nursing Mother:
Female. Visibly pregnant or nursing a newborn; any age.

Bakery Shop Owner: Female. Looking for authentic NJ or Italian accent; the older the better (at least 30 yrs).

Sean: Male. Late 20's-late 30's; Wall Street Type.

Wall Street Guys: Male. Late 20's-late 30's; Wall Street types.

Fruit Vendor: Female. Hispanic; Authentic accent preferred. 20's-40's.

Patty: Female. Singer; 30's preferred; any ethnicity/ interesting looks.

Musicians/Buskers: Unimportant/Male or Female. Talented/interesting musicians and/or buskers.

Old Lady: Female. Description: The older the better (minimum late 60's; prefer 70's/80's/90's).

(NEW) Vitamin P.I., short film
Please email headshot/resume to with the character you're submitting for in the subject line. Auditions are by appointment only on Saturday, September 12th or Sunday the 13th at Shetler Studios 244 West 54th street, 12th Floor between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

J. Gill Productions is casting for the short film, Vitamin P.I. Director: Jacqueline Gill. Vitamin P.I. is a Brooklyn College thesis film. It's about a young entrepreneur, believing his business is being assisted by a young woman who instead is going to take him down.

It will be shooting over a 4 day weekend in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in late October or early November. $100, meals, housing, transportation, copy provided.

SAG student film agreement and non-SAG.

Lisa Williams:
Lisa is a very attractive 24-year old woman who grew up in the Catskills and now lives in New York City working for a private investigator. She goes back to the Catskills to manipulate and destroy a vitamin company that is in competition with one of her clients. She appears sweet and flirty throughout most of the film until the end when it is apparent she's a cold-hearted bitch.

Billy Jenkins: Billy is a very attractive 26-year old former high school quarterback living in the Catskills of NY. His glory days are over and he's trying to make a living by selling sports vitamins to athletes. Unfortunately, he's not a bright as he would like to think and gets taken advantage of by a woman who appears to be something she's not.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Aug 25, 2009

The Drama Book Shop Stage Casting is Sponsored by

(NEW) My Fair Lady - Open Call 
Tuesday, September 15, 2009. 10 AM – Male singers who move well. 2 PM – Female singers who move well. Sign-up begins 1 hour before each call’s start-time. Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue, New York City. The producer will run all aspects of this call. Equity audition procedures will NOT be in effect, and no Equity Monitor will be provided.Please prepare 16 bars of a song in the style of the show. Singing from the show is welcome. Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. Some may be asked to stay and dance after all have sung. Bring dance clothes and character shoes (women: character heels).
Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together. 

The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is holding open auditions for My Fair Lady. SPT (approval/salary level pending; 2008-09 minimum weekly salary: $396). Music: Frederick Loewe. Book/Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner. Director/Choreographer: Casey Colgan. Musical Director: Bradley Vieth. General Manager: Richard Feldman. Callbacks: Friday, September 18. 1st rehearsal November 10, 2009. Runs December 2 – 27.

Ensemble (M/F):
  Various ages and types. Must be strong actors and legit singers who move or dance well. Play multiple characters and possibly cover leads. Three Buskers require tumbling skills. Performers attending this call may also be considered for the following principal roles:

Henry Higgins:  British man, 35 - 55. Upper-class professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert, teacher and author of "Higgins’s Universal Alphabet".

Mrs. Higgins:  British woman, 50 – 65. Upper-class. Stoic yet motherly.

Mrs. Pearce:  Woman, 45 – 60. Head housemaid to Henry Higgins – and really runs the household.  Excellent legit soprano. Theatre’s statement: performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

(NEW) Black Girl
Please send headshots and resumes to: or mail to Legros Cultural Arts, P.O. Box 333 New York, New York 10116-0333

Legros Cultural Arts is seeking non-Equity African American actors for Black Girl. Writer: J.E. Franklin. Production will go up in September 2009. Paid Performances. Synopsis of Play Setting 1969): Trapped in a life which can lead nowhere, Billie Jean has dropped out of school and secretly taken a job as a dancer in a local bar, her ultimate goal being to become a ballet dancer. But her ambitions bring her into conflict with her envious sisters, both of whom have been locked into dreary marriages too early, and her mother, who has given up on her own children and now lavishes her care and affection on her “ foster daughters” industrious girls to whom she has transferred her own frustrated hopes.  Billie Jean must fight a multiplicity of prejudices, family, sex, color, class and economic to win an education and forge her own identity.  But with her grandmother’s strength and trust to embolden her, Billie Jean breaks free, establishing at last a tenuous but hopeful relationship with her mother an taking the first sure steps toward a life which will, at least, be of her own making.

Billie Jean:
17 years old, 5’ 7”, thin, tom boyish, southern accent, trained dancer.  She is not shy, but withdrawn from it all, her innocence is overshadowed by the harshness that surrounds her.

Norma: 21 years old, 5’ 11”, southern accent. She is loud and boisterous, yet easily offended. Quick tempered.

Ruth Ann: 20 years old, 5’ 6”, 4 months pregnant, southern accent.

Mama Rosie: 38 years old, 5’ 3”, quick tempered, southern accent. She is loud and obnoxious and has an opinion on everyone around her, but she can’t for the life of herself see her own faults.

Mu’ Dear: 55 years old, 5’ 1”, authoritative and intolerant of nonsense.

Mr. Herbert: 65 years old, 5’ 1”, meek, southern accent. He is soft spoken with a docile and quiet demeanor. Wise he is not, but he stands up for what he believes is right.

Earl: 41 years old, 6’ 3”, southern accent, muscular, neat and well groomed.  He is dismissive and arrogant.

Netta: 21 years old, southern accent.  Her patience and keen intelligence are her best attributes.

(NEW) Purgatorio Halloween Show - Open Call
Wednesday August 26th, 3PM at 45th Street & Broadway (NE corner). Please bring headshot/resume and wear full costume/makeup to open call. Email questions to

The Box Presents is holding an open call on August 26 for zombies, ghouls, gremlins, vampires, werewolves, the undead and all creatures of the night for New York’s premier Halloween experience, Purgatorio. Producers: PURGATORIO  wants you!  S. Hammerstein, R. Kimmel, R. Weiner. Performances run October 15-31 in Times Square and promotional appearances in Sept-Oct. Paid.

(NEW) Harvey Cole - LIU
Audition Dates: TBD. Please submit headshots and resumes no later than Sept. 1. Non-union shooting starts September, mostly week ends + nights. Shooting in the Lower East Side, New York. Copy, Credits, Meals. Shooting on ProHD JVC GY-HD250U w/16:1 FUJINON LENS. 

Badass Productions of Long Island University is holding non-union auditions for “Harvey Cole,” a film for its graduate student thesis. Exec. Producer: Cherisse Challenger. Co-Exec. Producer: Frank Zagottis. Writer: Nicolas Canton and Nina S. Matter. Faculty Advisor: Larry L. Banks (Juice, Fight the Power etc.). Director: Nicolas Canton. Director’s note: We're looking for actors who want to get involved and participate in the building of the film, to come up with a truthful and personal composition. We hope we will share ideas and have a constructive relationship. We are looking to create an encouraging and supportive environment that will allow fruitful improvisation to take place (Cassavetes inspired filmmakers!)

- a Caucasian male in his early 40s is our main character. He is a strong-willed and independent person, a self made man proud of his achievements. Even though he handles his life quite well, he has a well-known fondness for drinks and a few gambles. He’s a man of few words, concise and straight to the point. He never founded a family since he’s always been way too interested in women to only choose one.

Louie - is an undercover pawnbroker, loaning money at frightening rates. He's a fat Persian guy with an open shirt, gold chain and watches. Often sweating. (has a substantial conversation with the lead while driving a car, so driving is a must!)

Ralph - is a little crook living in the neighborhood, spending most of his time partying and drinking in clubs. He’s known for dealing drugs and being a second-rank, wannabe pimp. (Ralph has a heated conversation with the lead that goes a bit physical, being comfortable with this a must).

John - is a regular at the Blue and knows everyone there. When he arrives in front of the club, he meets John, an old friend who’s been working there for more than 20 years. He used to bartend and is now part of the management. He’s a chain smoker, laconic and old-fashioned guy.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Currently Casting

Michael Cassara – Gulfshore Playhouse, FL



A DOLL’S HOUSE (tr. McGuiness)

NYC Audition by appt. 8/24-27

Carousel Dinner Theatre, CO


NYC Audition by appt. 8/25

Broadway & Tour, Telsey


NYC Audition EPA 8/26

Rapscallion Theatre Collective


NYC Audition submit by 8/26

Paper Mill Playhouse, NJ


NYC Audition 8/26

Riverside Theatre Season, FL





NYC Audtion EPA 8/27



NYC Audition EPA 8/26 – 8/28

Women’s Theatre Co., NJ


NJ Audition by appt. 8/28

The Old Globe, CA


NYC Audition by appt. 9/8

Olney Theatre Center, MD






NYC Audition EPA 9/14

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, Indianapolis, IN



NYC Audition by appt. 9/15

Arkansas Repertory Theatre


NYC Audition EPA 9/15 & 9/16 



NYC Audition EPA 9/16

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Monday through Saturday:
11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Late Night Thursdays:
Open until 8:00 p.m.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Aug 18, 2009

The Drama Book Shop Stage Casting is Sponsored by

(NEW) Count To Ten, NYMF
Monday, August 24th, 2009 at Champion Studios, 257 West 39th Street, 14th floor from 10am – 2pm. Come prepared to dance (tap, jazz and ballet). Sign up sheet will begin at 10am. Equity audition procedures are NOT in effect. No Equity monitor provided. Producer runs all aspects of the audition. You will be tap dancing first. Please also prepare 16 bars of your best uptempo musical theatre piece. Those auditioning for "Madoc" or "Victor" should also bring sneakers. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

The Group Theatre Too is currently seeking Equity & non-Equity performers for Count To Ten, an official selection of the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival. Book by Michael Blevins; lyrics by Michael Blevins and Beth Clary; music by Michael Blevins, Scott Knipe, Bruce Sacks and David Wollenberger. Michael Blevins, Director/Choreographer; Christine Riley, Musical Director; Justin Boccitto, Executive Producer. This is an open call run by the producer. A monitor will be provided. Come prepared to dance (tap, jazz and ballet). You will be tap dancing first. Please also prepare 16 bars of your best uptempo musical theatre piece. Those auditioning for “Madoc” or “Victor” should also bring sneakers. Equity NYMF Showcase Code. Equity stipend: $500. Rehearsals take place in September/October 2009. Performances are October 15th, 16th & 17th.

Madoc Dean:
15-17 years old. Strong tap skills and acrobatics required. Rebellious teenage type; Under 6 foot tall encouraged. 18+ will be seen.
Victor Chase (Understudy): 30-40 year old actor/singer. Strong tap skills and acrobatics required; Baritone.
Claire Vaughan (Understudy): late-20s mezzo-soprano w/ belt; Tap & ballet skills required.
Rosie Busche (Understudy): 15-17 years old. Strong tap & ballet skills required. Alto/mezzo. 18+ will be seen.

(NEW) TV Show, Logo Network
General auditions are to be held Saturday, Aug. 23rd from 11:00am to 6:00pm at the 353 Rehearsal Studios (353 West 48TH Street, 2nd FL.) Please call Demedrius Charles 646-552-9594 or Courtney Everette 646 831-2183 for audition times only.

Demedrius Charles Productions in Association with Duncourt Production Company is looking for non-union actors and models to film a 20 minute promo short for a possible television show on the Logo Network.Please have a 3 minute monologue prepared . This is a No-Pay assignment but a copy of the video will be given to each player if casted.

Seeking: Male actors between the ages of 27-35 and female actors between the ages of 25-40.

(NEW) Keeper of the Pinstripes - Feature Film
Mail pictures and resumes to: Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick & Associates Casting, 71 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016. Attn: Pinstripes. Or email to: Please type “Pinstripes” in the subject line. Please, no phone calls or visits to the Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick & Associates Office. Thank you.

Sylvia Fay/ Lee Genick & Associates Casting is seeking paid up Screen Actors Guild members for the upcoming feature film “Keeper of the Pinstripes.” Principle photography is scheduled to begin Tuesday, September 8 and will end in late October.

Seeking: Background performers: that look like baseball players from different eras, specifically: Bill Dickey, Bobby Murcer. Elston Howard, Joe DiMaggio, Spud Chandler, Lefty Grove & Manager Joe McCarthy. As well as the following players as they looked in 1978: Reggie Jackson, Lou Pinella, Bucky Dent, Chris Chambliss, Willie Randolph, Cliff Johnson, Roy White, Jay Johnstone, Mickey Rivers, Craig Nettles, Paul Blair, Doug Bird, Manager Bob Lemon and Trainer Gene Monahan.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 20th, 2009, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette Street, (Between Astor Pl and E.4th), Studio 4D (4th Floor)

An open call is being held for the independent feature film “Yelling to the Sky.” Please bring a picture and resume. SAG/NON-SAG PERFORMERS WELCOME. Synopsis: Set in a depraved New York neighborhood, where the youngest of two sisters navigates an identity between the known: a violent life of crime, and the unknown: a life of purpose and meaning.

PUERTO RICAN URBAN YOUTH - (Female, 18-19yrs)
. Young, charismatic, energetic, soft heart, soft face. REAL NEW YORKER types! REAL NY-PUERTO RICAN ACCENT. must be 18. BLACK URBAN YOUTH - (Male, 18-19yrs) Young, charismatic, energetic, funny and real hip hop. Street good looking not manicured. REAL NEW YORKER types! REAL NY ACCENT. must be 18. BLACK URBAN YOUTH - (Male, 18-20yrs) Young, feared, real hip hop.
REAL NEW YORKER street-smart types! REAL NY ACCENT. must be 18.