Friday, December 24, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 20th

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OPEN Auditions for Dancers who sing (Equity/Non-Equity):Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at Ripley Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY. 10 AM – 1 PM – Equity/Non-Equity men 2 PM – 6 PM – Equity/Non-Equity women.

Tuacahn Center for the Arts (Ivins, UT) is holding auditions for The Little Mermaid and Grease. LOA; $640/week. Artistic Director: Scott S. Anderson. Managing Director: Kevin Warnick. Wear comfortable character/dance shoes and clothing. Be ready to learn dance/movement combination(s). Prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song in the style of the show(s) in case asked to stay and sing. Have a contrasting selection prepared in case requested. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided. Bring picture and resume, stapled together. The Little Mermaid and Grease play in repertory June through October 2011. Seeking strong, experienced musical theatre actor-singers for all roles. Also seeking understudies for all roles. Ethnic performers strongly encouraged to attend. Actors may be cast in both productions. Some shorter contracts may be available. Tuacahn is an outdoor amphitheatre located in southwestern Utah (110 miles from Las Vegas). GREASE. Director: Tim Threlfall. Choreographer: Derryl Yeager. Asst. Choreographer: Veronica Yeager. 1st rehearsal: 4/25/11. Previews: 6/9. Opens: 6/11. Closes: 10/20/11. THE LITTLE MERMAID. Director: Scott S. Anderson. Choreographer: Derryl Yeager. Asst. Choreographer: Veronica Yeager. 1st rehearsal: 4/25/11. Previews: 6/2-6/3. Opens: 6/4. Closes: 10/21/11.

Ensemble Dancers who sing: Dancers with strong ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary technique. Chorus singers must be able to sing harmonies. Seeking strong, experienced musical theatre actor/singer/dancers. Also seeking understudies for principal roles. Ethnic performers strongly encouraged to attend. Also seeking for GREASE:

Pink Ladies: Females, 16 – 25, chorus, the club-jacketed, gum-chewing, hip-swinging girls’ gang that hangs around with the Burger Place Boys.

Burger Palace Boys: males, 16 – 25, chorus, a super cool, D.A.-haired, hard-looking group of high school wheeler-dealers…or so they think.

(NEW) South Pacific, CT
Auditions will be January 23 and 24. Auditions and performances will take place at Mapleton Hall, 1305 Mapleton Avenue, Suffield, CT. For more information about South Pacific auditions and performances, visit Auditionees should prepare a song (and provide sheet music, and/or a CD) and be ready to read from the script.

The Suffield Players, Suffield, CT, will present the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific in May 2011. The theater group announced their selection on December 12, 2010, upon being released from a contractual obligation that prevented them from revealing the musical’s title. The story focuses on Ensign Nellie Forbush, a U.S. Navy nurse who falls in love with Emile Debecque, a plantation owner many years her senior. Amid the highs and lows of this May-December romance, the play also touches upon the issues of racism and warfare. Frank Borrelli will direct the show, which will be performed May 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22. Auditions will be January 23 and 24. Auditionees should prepare a song (and provide sheet music, and/or a CD) and be ready to read from the script. Auditions and performances will take place at Mapleton Hall, 1305 Mapleton Avenue, Suffield, CT. For more information about South Pacific auditions and performances, visit

Seeking: South Pacific requires women and men in their 20s-50s, two children (approximately age 10), and several men and women of color.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 14th

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(NEW) Punching Glass, open by appt.
Auditions by appointment on Thursday, Dec. 16. Please submit headshot/ resume to punchingglass @ for audition information.

Open auditions for the one act play Punching Glass - a part of the Strawberry One Act Festival at The Riant Theatre. Synopsis: Sam Davis was feeling great. It was two days before Christmas and she had everything under control. That is until her mother burst into the room with shocking news. Sam’s father – the man who walked out on them six years ago – just died. Punching Glass follows Sam’s journey as she tries to hide this news from her younger sister, keep calm her unstable mother, and hold her family together; all the while desperately trying to keep the festivities alive and decorate the Christmas tree. No Pay, however there is a cash prize for the best actress. Non-AEA. Auditions will be held by appointment only on Thursday, December 16th. No Pay.

Seeking: Sam - CAST.

Nina - 18-20s (to play a 17year old). African American. Ability to portray a feisty teen as well as a confused/lost little girl.

Carol - 30-40s. African American. Mother of two. Nervous, dependent, and slightly unstable, but trying to hold herself together. Ms Sembers - 40-60s. Any ethnicity. The neighbor. Loud mouth, forward, no tact, says what she's thinking. Great comedic timing.

(NEW) Talk Radio, CT
Monday, January 3 and Tuesday, January 4 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Auditions will be held at TheatreWorks, 5 Brookside Ave., New Milford (next to the CVS). All auditioners will be asked to read from the script and should be prepared to show a broad range of voice intonations. All roles are available and both professionals and amateurs are welcome. No appointments are necessary. For audition sides, character breakdowns, and directions, visit: WWW.THEATREWORKS.US/ACTORS.

TALK RADIO, by Eric Bogosian, is under the direction of Susan Abrams. For more information and questions, auditioners may contact the Theatre at or by calling 860-350-6863. TheatreWorks offers a stipend to all performers, technicians, and directors. Rehearsals begin in January with performances beginning February 25 and running through March 19 on Fridays & Saturdays with a Sunday matinee on March 13. TheatreWorks is an award-winning, non-Equity theatre company located on 5 Brookside Avenue, just off Route 202 (next to the CVS), in New Milford, CT. Barry Champlain, Cleveland's controversial radio show host, is on the air doing what he does best: insulting the pathetic souls who call in the middle of the night to sound off. The most frightening thing? They love it. In fact, Barry's show is so popular it's about to go into national syndication, and his producer is afraid that Barry will say something that will offend the sponsors. This, of course, makes Barry even more outrageous. Disturbing, funny, moving, off-beat, and totally entrancing, TALK RADIO was adapted into a riveting film by director Oliver Stone and revived for Broadway audiences in 2007 - earning two Tony Award nominations.

Seeking: cast of 6 men, ages 18 to 60 and 3 women, ages 25-50.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 8th

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(NEW) Ankhst, Open Auditions
OPEN Auditions (Equity/Non-Equity) Friday, December 10, 2010 at American Theater of Actors. 6 PM – 9 PM 314 Eighth Avenue and New York, NY. Saturday, December 11, 2010 1 PM – 4 PM. Equity audition procedures are NOT in effect. No Equity monitor provided. Producer runs all aspects of the audition. Prepare a two or three minute classical monologue. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

The Alternative Theater of Manhattan (NYC) is holding Open Auditions for Ankhst. Equity Basic Showcase Code, approval pending. Director: Ted Mornel. Runs: 2/17 – 3/4/11, Thursday – Sunday (matinee on Sunday)

Seeking 6 men & 3 women to play multiple roles all ages and all types. Also seeking one child and a stage manager.

Dr. Alexandra Phillips (Alex): archeologist, late 50s to early 70s.

Khalil Ali: foreman of the expedition.

Dr. Judith Raban: archeologist, excavation director.

Bracy: a young British philologist.

The Ku: is also known as akhnaton, Pof Egypt.

Alex's father Carl: Alex's Husband.

Amunhotep III: father of Akhnaton.

Amunhotep-Son-Of-Hapu: wise and able counselor of Akhnaton's father.

Ay: brother of Akhnaton.

Prince Amunhotep: (Akhnaton as a child)

Queen Tiy: mother of Akhnaton (pronounced Tee)

Rib-Addy: Governor of Byblos.

Aziru: desert chieftain.

Smenkh-Ka-Re: younger brother of Akhnaton.

Ramose: faithful retainer of Akhnaton. Greater Priest of Amun at Thebes.

Serpent-Priest of Amun at Thebes.

General of the army.

Foreman of the tomb builders.

Provincial Amunite priest (or priestess)

(NEW) Off the Realness, non-Equity
NON-UNION ONLY. Auditions by appointment only on Friday, 17 December, 2010. Rehearsals begin first week of February, 2011. Three performances TBD 30 March through 9 April. Please submit HEADSHOT, RESUME, and ROLE FOR WHICH YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED to

Casting non-union actors for OFF THE REALNESS a new play by Nick Gandiello directed by Lucia A. Peters to be produced at the New School for Drama as part of the 2011 New Voices Festival. Addy, a rough white kid from the suburbs, has earned himself a spot in a rap concert with hip-hop star K-Raise. If he can reunite with his estranged brother Ty and reestablish their rap duo together, he has a shot at a record deal. But when Ty starts questioning the violence in Addy’s lyrics, truths about the brothers' past, identities, and hip-hop itself are explosively revealed, and Addy must decide how far he will go to prove that he is Real.

K-RAISE - Black. Late 20s. An up-and-coming rap star who intends to take over the hip-hop industry. Immense in physicality and behavior. Despite his wild bravado, deep wounds have made him discretely compassionate.

GRAY - Black, early 30s. K-Raise’s unofficial bodyguard and confidant. Big guy with jail time in his bones. He rarely sees the need to speak, and is confident and direct enough to secure the space around him with merely a look. Intensely loyal.

KWASI - Black. 18 or 19. Addy’s friend and DJ. A little guy with a big smile. Friendly, eager to please, and perhaps a little naive. He produces hip-hop for his love of the music, and makes no effort to be something he is not.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 1st

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Urinetown: The Musical (Paperback)
By Greg Kotis, Mark Hollmann, David Auburn

(NEW) Urinetown, Open Auditions
Sunday, Dec. 5 from 7 pm to 9 pm; Mon., Dec. 6 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm No callbacks scheduled! Corner of Grove and Maple Streets, Chester, NJ. Auditionees are asked to come prepared to sing at least 16 bars, with sheet music in the proper key. An accompanist will be provided. Readings will be from the script. Please come prepared to move as dance audition will follow singing and readings.

The Chester Theatre Group is holding auditions for their upcoming Production of URINETOWN: THE MUSICAL Directed and Musically Directed by CTG veteran Clifford Parrish with Choreography by Megan Fiorentinos, this Tony winning satirical comedy musical, with music by Mark Hollmann, lyrics by Hollmann and Greg Kotis, and book by Kotis satirizes the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, and municipal politics. The unconventional plotline shatters audience expectations of a pleasant ending. Production Dates: Opens Friday February 25, 2011 and runs Fridays/Saturdays at 8pm - Sundays at 2pm through March 20, 2011. Plot Breakdown: In grim Gotham-like city of the future, a 20-year drought has occurred. As a result, the government has banned private toiletries and the citizens must use pay-to-pee toilets regulated by a monopolistic company, the Urine Good Company, which charges exorbitant prices. Bobby Strong, the assistant custodian at the poorest urinal in town, decides enough is enough. With the help of the daughter of the CEO of the Urine Good Company, Hope Cladwell, Bobby ends up leading a rebellion, which frees the citizens. This is a very choral show, so those who enjoy choral singing will have a great time. If you have any questions, you may contact director, Clifford Parrish at (908) 696 0411 or on Facebook. For further information about The Chester Theatre Group, please visit our website at

Officer Lockstock

Penelope Pennywise (high belt);

Bobby Strong (baritenor) 20s;

Little Sally (mezzo);

Cladwell B. Cladwell (baritone) mature; CEO type;

Hope Cladwell (soprano) 20s;

The ensemble is made of 10 - 12 men and women, all of whom have characters, lines and singing.

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) Dream Babies
Auditions are open to Equity and Non-Equity singer/actors. For an audition please email us your picture and resume ASAP. You may also include the link to your Reel where we can hear you sing, if you have one.

The Riant Theatre is casting for a DREAM BABIES, the musical. This show will open February 17, 2011 at the Hudson Guild Theatre. Book, Lyrics & Music by Van Dirk Fisher. DREAM BABIES will be open February 17, 2011 and close March 6, 2011 At the Hudson Guild Theatre in Manhattan.

Mrs. Janice Johnson
, a woman in her 50s or older, a secretary at St. Mary’s Home for Girls.

Ms. Yolanda Wilson, (Singer) an African-American woman in her late 30s, who runs St. Mary’s Home for Girls. She’s dedicated her whole life to taking care of young kids, but doesn’t take anytime for herself. For some reason she’s trying very hard to avoid having a serious relationship with a man.

Mr. Darnell Richards, a man in his 30s, an assistant supervisor at St. John’s Home for Boys.

Mr. Jamal Cooke, an African-American young man in his 30s. He runs a Group Home for teenage boys. He loves his job and is in love with Yolanda although she won’t take him seriously, because he’s 10 years younger than her. But he’s not giving up. He’s determined to make her his woman.

Tanya Dixon, (Soprano) a teenage African-American girl, age 16, who’s been living in foster care and has been waiting to be adopted. She’s very bright and shows lots of promise and likes to sing. She wants to become a pediatrician so she can take care of young kids and make them well again.

Sarah, (Soprano) a teenage Caucasian girl. Tanya’s best friend, (age 16), who’s living in foster care.

Miss Selema Hawkins, (Soprano) an African American woman in her early 30s. She’s engaged to Charles Jackson, but longs to find her daughter that she put up for adoption shortly after she was born.

Mr. Charles Jackson, (Tenor) an African-American man in his early 30s, he works as an IT technician for a large corporation. He’s engaged to Selema.

Mr. Beacon, (Singer) an African-American young man in his late 20s, a teacher. He grew up in foster care and did very well for himself and has decided to dedicate his life to helping teenagers realize their potential. He teaches a special class at the Group Home to help students with their homework and literacy.

Miss Grant, in her 30s, (Singer, must be able to sing R&B and Pop) a social worker.

Miss Chantell Dubey, 25-35 years old young lady, (singer), a French teacher at Royal Academy.

The Students:
, a teenager, (Tenor), who attends Royal Academy, a charter school in Brooklyn.

Matthew, (Tenor) a teenager, Caucasian boy, living at St. John’s home for Boys.

Madison, a teenager, Caucasian girl, (singer), Matthew’s girlfriend living at St. Mary’s home for Girls.

Quayshawn, (Tenor) a teenager, African-American, living at St. John’s home for Boys, a dramatic role. He’s an honor student.

Jay, a teenager, (singer), a student at Royal Academy, Quayshawn’s friend.

Nico, (Tenor) a teenager, a student at Royal Academy, Quayshawn’s friend.

Jasmine, (Singer) a teenager, his girlfriend, living at St. Mary’s home for Girls and a student at Royal Academy.

Leo, a teenager, (Tenor) a student at Royal Academy, Quayshawn’s friend.

Charlotte, a teenager, his girlfriend, (singer), living at St. Mary’s home for Girls and a student at Royal Academy. Also plays the guitar and sings the blues, R&B and pop (Belt).

Timothy, a teenager Caucasian, (singer), a student at Royal Academy.

Lindsay, a teenager Caucasian, Timothy’s girlfriend, (singer), a student at Royal Academy.

Eva, a teenager Latina, (singer), a student at Royal Academy, dramatic role.

Stephanie, a student at Royal Academy, (Singer).

Bobby, Chanz, Daniel, Gregory and Michael students at Royal Academy, all living at St. John’s.