Thursday, September 3, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 3, 2009

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(NEW) Traveling Lantern Theatre Co.
Please submit info ASAP to Interview/auditions will be by appointment.

The Traveling Lantern Theatre Co. is seeking one male actor to play Scrooge and multiple parts in The Sword in the Stone for the Fall 09 tour. The actor MUST own a vehicle with valid insurance. These are 45 minute plays for children performed at NY public libraries and elementary schools in NY and NJ. Portable sets, costumes and props are the actors responsibility to transport. Independent contractor contracts non-union. Prior experience a plus. Rehearsals begin first week of Oct. with bookings from Oct. 15th thru Dec. 23rd. Over 40 bookings so far with more to come. Must have flexible day schedule. Please visit our web-site for more about our company at

Rehearsal stipend + $60.00 per show and gas mileage.

(NEW) Prospect Theater Company
To be considered for an audition appointment (Sept. 3-12) please email headshot and resume to More info at

The Prospect Theater Company of New York, NY is seeking outstanding non-union singers/actors to participate in musical theater projects for its 2009/2010 season, including a new youth musical, to be developed during the fall of 2009.

of all age ranges, types, and ethnic backgrounds.

Children, ages 9-14, from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

(NEW) MARIA MY LOVE, feature
Please submit headshot, resume and link to reel/videos if applicable to Submission deadline: September 17, 2009.

3 Daughters Films, LLC is casting for the feature film "Maria My Love." SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement. SAG Rep: Renae Robinson. Prod # 247293. Filming in HD, September and October, in New York. Minimums: $100 Per Day. SAG ultra low budget rate $100/day, meals, DVD (n/a). Maria My Love is inspired by a true story -- it's about a 22 year-old woman who, in an effort to recover from the death of her mother, sets out on a quest to help people, but winds up encountering situations more emotionally and morally complicated than she had expected to find.

Expectant Mother/Nursing Mother:
Female. Visibly pregnant or nursing a newborn; any age.

Bakery Shop Owner: Female. Looking for authentic NJ or Italian accent; the older the better (at least 30 yrs).

Sean: Male. Late 20's-late 30's; Wall Street Type.

Wall Street Guys: Male. Late 20's-late 30's; Wall Street types.

Fruit Vendor: Female. Hispanic; Authentic accent preferred. 20's-40's.

Patty: Female. Singer; 30's preferred; any ethnicity/ interesting looks.

Musicians/Buskers: Unimportant/Male or Female. Talented/interesting musicians and/or buskers.

Old Lady: Female. Description: The older the better (minimum late 60's; prefer 70's/80's/90's).

(NEW) Vitamin P.I., short film
Please email headshot/resume to with the character you're submitting for in the subject line. Auditions are by appointment only on Saturday, September 12th or Sunday the 13th at Shetler Studios 244 West 54th street, 12th Floor between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

J. Gill Productions is casting for the short film, Vitamin P.I. Director: Jacqueline Gill. Vitamin P.I. is a Brooklyn College thesis film. It's about a young entrepreneur, believing his business is being assisted by a young woman who instead is going to take him down.

It will be shooting over a 4 day weekend in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in late October or early November. $100, meals, housing, transportation, copy provided.

SAG student film agreement and non-SAG.

Lisa Williams:
Lisa is a very attractive 24-year old woman who grew up in the Catskills and now lives in New York City working for a private investigator. She goes back to the Catskills to manipulate and destroy a vitamin company that is in competition with one of her clients. She appears sweet and flirty throughout most of the film until the end when it is apparent she's a cold-hearted bitch.

Billy Jenkins: Billy is a very attractive 26-year old former high school quarterback living in the Catskills of NY. His glory days are over and he's trying to make a living by selling sports vitamins to athletes. Unfortunately, he's not a bright as he would like to think and gets taken advantage of by a woman who appears to be something she's not.