Thursday, December 17, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Dec 15, 2009

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(NEW) The Bohemians
Please send your headshot and resume to Dave:

Second Best Bed Productions in New York City is casting for The Bohemians. This is an original play written in the style of an Aristophanic comedy. In fact, the play is so aptly composed, that many prominent scholars are convinced that this work is actually a lost play of the great Aristophanes. Though an academic consensus has yet to be reached on this subject, it is safe to assume that such theories are likely correct. (wink, wink.)

Mediocates: (20-30, Male) Mediocrates is an aspiring writer, poet, painter, potter, congo-drummer, juggler, mime, dancer, and actor. He is a proud artist, determined to live his independent life. He is bankrolled by his father.

Hippocarates: (40-60, Male) Hippocrates is a wealthy, waspy, doctor. He is the father of Mediocrates. He loves money, and hates art. When he's not busy fulfilling his potential, he's reading the Wall Street Journal, and finishing a glass of whisky. He disapproves of Mediocrates' lifestyle, but no son of his will live on the street.

Xanthius (18- 75, Male) Xanthius is Mediocrates' quick witted slave. His opinion, which is never accepted, is nearly always correct. Actors who submit for this role must be gifted physical comedians.

The Chorus (15- 60, Male and Female) Bohemians of all shapes, sizes, colors, and types. Bohemians who hail from every decade this century. These bohemians are hippies, beatniks, metal-heads, punkers, hipsters, homeless, ad inf. The Chorus is composed of Mediocrates' best friends.

(NEW) The Who’s Tommy
Thurs, Dec 17th @ 7 PM, Auditions Will Be Held At The Nyack Center 58 Depew Ave. Nyack, NY 10960. For further information, directions and details visit our website at or contact Jim Guarasci at

The Antrim Players Announce Auditions for The Who's Tommy.

Director/Choreographer Randy Accardi. Performances will be at The Antrim Playhouse 15 Spook Rock Rd. Wesley Hills, NY 10901. Performance Dates: April 23, 24, 25, 30 May 1,2,7,8,9,14,15,16,21,22 & 23. Note: Additional benefit performances may be scheduled. Note: We are also looking for musicians, lighting and sound crew, stage managers and stage crew, costume and prop people and set construction workers.

-18-28 (able to play 18-20) strong rock tenor with falsetto, must move well.

Mrs. Walker-24-35, ages 25 years during show. Strong rock singer with belt. Must move well.

Capt. Walker-25-40, ages 25 years during show. Strong rock tenor, must move well.

Uncle Ernie-30-50, ages 25 years during show. Strong high baritone, must move well.

Cousin Kevin-17-28, able to play teenager. Strong rock tenor, must dance well.

Gypsy (Acid Queen)-25-50, Strong rock singer with belt, must move well.

Sally Simpson-17-28, able to play teenager, strong rock singer with belt. Must dance well.

Tommy (Age 4)-Theater kid who can understand direction. Must have rhythm and be able to sing.

Tommy (Age 10)-10-14, must pass for age 10. must understand direction, have rhythm and be able to sing.

Supporting Roles: Casting 6 females and 6 males for featured roles. Age range 17-60. All must sing and move well. Local lads and lasses 4 lads and 4 lasses will also play featured roles. Must sing and dance very well.