Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: June 23, 2009

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(NEW) FringeNYC - Scandalous People: Auditions by Appt.
Please submit headshot and resume - DO NOT send reels: casting@bigspoon.net. Please submit no later than June 28. Please bring a song that shows your voice in its best light.

MyChurch Productions is casting for the Fringe NYC show Scandalous People. Author: Myla Churchill, Benny Russel. Director: Fredi Walker-Browne. Rehearsals Start: July 13 - August 14th. Performance Dates: FringeNYC - Opens Aug 14. Audition Dates: June 25, 26. Callback Dates: June 28, 29. Special Showcase Contract. AEA Approval Pending. Favored Nations/flat fee.

The Showman, Black, 40’s, Excellent Tap Dancer/Actor/Singer.

THE DO DROPETTE: Principal. FEMALE. 18-30. African American. Required Skills - Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap.

DUTCH SCHULTZ: The Gangster, White, 30’s Actor/Singer who moves well.

MAE WEST: Principal. The Seductress, White, 30’s Actor/Singer who moves well.

CINDY ELLA: The Prima, Black, Dark-skinned, 20’s, Excellent Tap Dancer/Singer/Actress.

DUKE ELLINGTON: The Man on the 88’s, Black, 30’s, Singer/Pianist – MUST PLAY PIANO WELL.

TRIXIE: MALE. 20-40. The Makeup & Prop Mistress, Black dark-skinned, 30’s, Comedic Actor/Drag Queen – Singing a plus.

FRANCENE: Featured. FEMALE. 20-30. The Rival Dancer, Black, fair-skinned, light enough to pass for white. 20’s, BALLERING AND Tap/Singer.

BO/HECKLER: Featured. MALE. 30-45. Dutchman’s Bodyguard, Henchman type, White, 30’s, must sing and move well.

CLARENCE/SERGEANT: Featured. MALE. 30-45. The Man Friday and #2 Copper, White, 30’s Comedic Actor who sings and moves well.

MACK O'REILLY: Featured. MALE. 30-45. Caucasian. The Head Copper, White, 40’s, Comedic Actor/Singer.


MOISHE: MALE. 30-50. Caucasian. Cindy’s Admirer, White, 30’s, Comedic Actor/Singer.

BARKEEP/DIME DROPPER: Featured. MALE. 30-45. Caucasian. The Front Man & The Snitch, White, Comedic.

(NEW) Danzare International - Dancers
Sunday, June 27, 2009, 11 AM. Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street. Penthouse #2. Please email headshots and resumes to legrosculturalarts@hotmail.com prior to audition. Audition will consist of a jazz, ballet & modern combinations.

The Danzare International Dance Company is holding auditions for male and female company dancers. Rehearsals are held on Saturdays and or Sundays 10am-1pm and will begin immediately. Additional rehearsals may be required but will be announced in advance. Please do not audition if you cannot commit to rehearsal schedule. Dance members will receive free training in various forms of dance by guest instructors and choreographers. Performances are paid.

Seeking: Male and female dancers: The Danzare repertoire requires advance training in jazz, modern and some training in ethnic dance (salsa, mambo, folk, etc.). Dancers should be versatile and comfortable helping to develop new works.

(NEW) The Wally Walters Project - non-union short
Send headshots, resumes, and/or links to Dave at wallfilm@yahoo.com.

Casting non-union actors for the short film The Wally Walters Project. Filming in Jersey City, NJ, on July 14 and 15, 2009. We might need you for a few hours of prep on July 13, 2009 in the Jersey City area. There is no pay. You will receive meals, credit and a copy of the finished film. The movie is one story in the pathetic life of Wally Walters. In this story, he has just discovered naked pictures of his girlfriend on the Internet so he tries to take his life. In his attempt, he meets a wise cracking and bitter soul known as Death. All the while, he laments over his girlfriend, trashes his girlfriend, gets back with his girlfriend, and then gets his girlfriend back.

Late 20's to early 30's He is the "nice" guy. People walk all over him, including his girlfriend. He is attractive, but not overly good looking.

Karie: Early 20's-The girlfriend. She is very attractive. She is looking for a sugar daddy while still having "fun" on the side.

(NEW) Remember Me - Feature Film
To be considered, please email a recent picture and contact information to: rememberme@gwcnyc.com.

Grant Wilfley Casting is casting for the feature film Remember Me.

Seeking: Hipsters, Rock N Roll East Village types; NYU student types; NYPD; FDNY; Washington Square Park Types (musicians, dealers, Rastas, artists, etc..); nanny types; real clowns with own make-up and props.