Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: Aug 12, 2009

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(NEW) My Favorite Year
Saturday, September 12, 12pm – 4pm; Sunday, September 13, 6pm – 10pm; Callbacks TBA.

The Barn Theatre, 32 Skyline Drive in Montville, NJ, just minutes off Route 287, Exit 47. For more information or directions, call (973) 34-9320, or visit

The Barn Theatre in Montville, NJ, is casting for My Favorite Year. Book by Joseph Dougherty. Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens. Directed by Scott Hart. Musical Direction by Cliff Parrish. Performance dates: November 20–December 5, 2009 (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with possible additional benefit performances). Produced by special arrangement with MTI. Please arrive within the first hour of the audition to register. Please prepare a short song that shows vocal range and personality. Please bring sheet music in the correct key. Readings from the script and a short dance audition will follow. All roles are available. Casting is open, and newcomers are welcome and encouraged. Show Description: It’s 1954, and Benjy Stone is a freshman writer on TV’s King Kaiser Comedy Cavalcade. Benjy is assigned the daunting task of baby-sitting veteran Hollywood swashbuckler Alan Swann. His effort to keep Swann off the booze and out of the papers nearly drives him to the brink before he’s given an unexpected glimpse into Swann’s broken heart that teaches him about human frailty, comedy, love – and what made 1954 his favorite year.

Seeking: 9 Men, 8 Women, 8-10 Ensemble.
BENJY STONE Male, early to mid 20's. Eager, alert. Lead role, charismatic, lovable, must move well and must be able to carry the show. Freshman writer of King Kaiser's Comedy Cavalcade. Vocal range high baritone/tenor to G.
ALAN SWANN Male, 40’s+. A handsome, albeit well traveled Hollywood leading man. Lead role, very physical (must do head or hand stand, not afraid of heights, fencing). A "has been" movie star, Errol Flynn -type. Must walk fine line between comic and tragic. Charismatic but with a sad, dark side. Vocal range baritone.
KING KAISER Male, Late 30's to early 40's. Big, tall, physical and loud. Comic role. Catskill comic, Sid Ceasar-type, now host of the King Kaiser Comedy Cavalcade, America's #1 TV show. Vocal range baritone.
SY BENSON Male, 40's+. A large man, dyspeptic. Comic role. Head writer, bully to all but King Kaiser. A chicken and pushover at heart. Vocal range baritone.
ALICE MILLER Female, 35+. Dry, comic, physical role. Writer on Comedy Cavalcade. She has no problem going toe-to-toe with King or anyone else. Vocal range low alto to D/belt.
HERB LEE Male, 35+. Rumpled, silent but very expressive. Comic, physical role. Writer on Comedy Cavalcade. Communicates through Alice. Has little dialog, but must be expressive and possess good comic timing.
KC DOWNING Female, early to mid 20's. A bright, attractive career girl. Assistant to the producer. The only "straight man" in a world of funny people. Pretty enough to be the "Breck Girl", Benjy's love interest. Must move well. Vocal range high alto light belt.
LEO SILVER Male, 50's+. Gray-haired, well dressed, antacid chewing producer of the Comedy Cavalcade. Comic role. Physically smaller than King, but the only one who comes close to controlling him and usually at his side. Vocal range baritone.
BELLE MAY STEINBERG CARROCA Female, 40's+. Benjy's mother. A large presence of a woman, generous of nature and proportion (think tall, big hair, big bust). A substantial beacon of Brooklyn society. Loud and a bit overbearing, always looks her best, if not a bit too much. Lainie Kazan-type. Comic role but with a touching quality. Vocal range high alto belt.
ROOKIE CARROCA Male, 40's+. Belle's husband, Benjy's step-father. Physically smaller than Belle. Must be able to pass as Filipino. Ex-wrestler. Comic role. Vocal range baritone.
UNCLE MORTY Male, 40's+. Benjy's uncle (Belle's brother). Loud, comic role (doubles in some ensemble scenes). Vocal range baritone.
AUNT SADIE Female, 40's+. Morty's wife. You should have no problem picking them out as a couple. Comic role (doubles in some ensemble scenes). Vocal range alto.
TESS Female, 16+. Swann's estranged daughter. Very pretty (doubles in some ensemble scenes).
STAGE/FLOOR MANAGER Male, 30's. Organized, yet frustrated type. Tries to be in control of entire cast and crew, but is difficult. Doubles as ensemble/dancer/singer.
MAXFORD HOUSE GIRLS (3) Females, 20's+. Must sing well with close harmonies (think Andrew Sisters). Must dance well, tap dancing a plus (double in some ensemble scenes).
ENSEMBLE (8-10) Singers and dancers of various genders, ages, and types. Double as various roles throughout the show, and appear in 8 musical numbers.

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) Zuly, non-union auditions
Saturday, August 22, 2009. 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM. Please prepare 32 bars of a contemporary rock or contemporary musical theatre selection, whichever shows you off most authentically. Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. Contact: Tony Spinosa,

Auditions are being held for ZULY IN THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH: A Family Musical.

This is an original musical fable about one dog's search for a peaceful way to live in a war-torn junkyard. Non-Union. No pay. 1st Rehearsal September 9th. Workshop performance on September 26th.

Male or Female. 18-25. Tenor. Next in line to lead his pack of dogs, Zuly struggles with the concept of violence as a solution.
Bones: Female. 18-30. Alto. Skinny character actress with a strong comic ability.
Kiley: Male. 18-30. Baritone. An angry dog from Zuly’s side of the junkyard, who is jealous of Zuly. Cranky and has a chip on his shoulder.
Rego: Male. 30+. Baritone. Sinister & dark. Prototype – Scar from the Lion King.
Rose: Female. 18-25. Mezzo-Soprano. Zuly’s love interest. IngĂ©nue.
Alisha: Female. 30+. Mezzo-Soprano. Zuly's mother. Ethnic preferred.
Hank: Male. 18-25. Tenor. The toughest fighter dog and Zuly’s opponent. (Double Cast As) Slim Napoleon: a carnival barker.

(NEW) Independent short film
Casting for the short independent film “Undisclosed.” This is a coming of age story that follows a character as he reexamines his life and the value & belief system he has established for himself. Audition by appointment only. Please send a headshot & resume to Some pay with all travel expenses covered.

Mr. Kaufman’s Assistant
- (20-25) Loyal, professional, fast-talking, organized, super-efficient and very perceptive of those around him.
Limo Driver - (30-50) A typical chauffeur, obedient but friendly. At times over eager to offer unsolicited advice.
Jimmy the Barista - (18-25) college-age student type, overly sarcastic almost confused with a surly attitude, who works to help pay for his college expenses.
Stanley Kreisworth - (65-85) Retired, friendly but lonely older man with a patriarchal approach to the world. Possible hint of European accent.

(NEW) General Call, 8-12 Casting
Please submit Headshots, Resume, & Demo or link with NOTE ON RESUME: *WILLING TO TRAVEL!* to:

8-12 Casting is searching for actors, models, child actors, and pregnant moms for Background & Feature Extra’s. Network Movies. Non-union. Pay is $75-$125 per day CASH ( upon completion) *Excluding children* Hudson Valley/ Westchester residents preferred! If you live in NYC you have to be WILLING TO & PAY FOR TRAVEL to the Hudson Valley for filming! We will not reimburse you for costs.