Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: July 7, 2010

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Urinetown: The Musical (Paperback)
By Greg Kotis, Mark Hollmann, David Auburn

(NEW) Urinetown
Auditions by appointment only Tuesday, July 13th and Wednesday, July 14th from 6pm-10pm. Callbacks Thursday, July 15 from 6pm-10pm. For consideration, email headshot/resume/cover letter to Include the role(s) in which you are interested in the subject line, and also include preferred date of audition. Please prepare a brief uptempo musical theatre selection.

5th Floor Productions seeks extremely strong singer/movers with a great sense of satiric comedy for Urinetown. First rehearsal July 17th; rehearsals will be scheduled for one weeknight and one weekend day per week. Show runs September 22-26 at the Hudson Guild Theatre in NYC. We are seeking non-Equity performers between the ages of 18-35. Please note there is no pay, but great opportunity for exposure and networking. 5th Floor also welcomes volunteers interested in working with other young professionals in a fun, friendly environment. See for more information about 5th Floor Productions.

Hope Cladwell
(soprano with belt, early 20s) – Quirky ingénue, new in town. The daughter of Caldwell B. Cladwell, she is trusting, pure, kind, and extremely naïve.

Caldwell B. Cladwell (baritone) – The CEO of Urine Good Company and the most powerful (and evil) man in town. Suave, elegant, and clever. Actor should read “older.”

Bobby Strong (tenor with belt, 20s) – The young, passionate leader of the people’s rebellion. In love with Hope. Seeking a very strong singer.

Officer Lockstock (bass/baritone) – A policeman; the narrator of the show. Charming and corrupt all at once; keeps everyone in check but has a sly, ironic sense of humor. He is fully aware that he is in a musical. A commanding presence.

Penelope Pennywise (mezzo-soprano with mix/belt to G) – The tough-talking, jaded manager of the poorest public amenity in town. Seeking a very strong singer. Actor should read “older.”

Little Sally (soprano or alto with character voice, 20s) – Obviously an adult playing a poor, waifish little girl who regularly comments on the action in the show. Actor should be a very strong comedienne and move well.

Officer Barrel (High baritone/tenor) – Officer Lockstock’s sidekick. Not very bright, but loyal and tough.

Little Becky Two Shoes (soprano with belt) – An unwed pregnant woman with a leg brace who becomes drunk with power during the rebellion. Strong dancer/mover and comedienne.

Hot Blades Harry (high baritone/tenor) – A poor man with a violent temper, ready to snap at any moment. Strong dancer/mover.

Josephine Strong (soprano or alto) – Bobby Strong’s downtrodden mother. Actor should read “older.”

Senator Fipp (bass/baritone) – Corrupt, smarmy politician in cahoots with Cladwell.

Mr. McQueen (high baritone/tenor) – Cladwell’s obsequious assistant.

Ensemble – Strong singer/movers; will play smaller roles such as Joseph “Old Man” Strong (should read “older”), Soupy Sue (mezzo), Tiny Tom, Robby the Stockfish, Billy Boy Bill, Dr. Billeaux, Mrs. Millennium, Cops, and others.

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series

(NEW) Willy Wonka
Auditions will take place by appointment only Thursday, July 22 from 6 – 9 pm and Sunday, July 25 from 11 am – 2 pm at HCT’s Carriage House Theatre. Audition times are as follows: Thursday, July 22 6:00 – 7:30 pm Children ages 8 – 17, 7:30 – 9:00 pm Adults ages 18 and up. Sunday, July 25 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Children ages 8 – 17, 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. Adults ages 18 and up. All performers interested in auditioning should contact HARTFORD CHILDREN’S THEATRE at 860.249.7970 to schedule an appointment. Performers should come prepared to sing 16 measures of an appropriate song of their choosing and provide sheet music for the accompanist. A short dance combination will also be required.

Hartford Children’s Theatre (360 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT) will hold open auditions for Willy Wonka, the first production of the 2010-2011 Family Main Stage Series “Pure Imagination.” The production will be directed by HCT’s Artistic Director, Ryan Ratelle with musical direction by Louise Fauteux and choreography by Keri Danner. Performances of WILLY WONKA will take place at the Hoffman Auditorium on the campus of Saint Joseph College in West Hartford September 24 through October 3, 2010. Roles are available for ADULTS and CHILDREN ages 8 and up. Roald Dahl’s timeless tale of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to life on the Hartford Children’s Theatre stage in this delicious new adaptation of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” WILLY WONKA features the unforgettable songs from the classic 1971 film including “Pure Imagination,” “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” and “The Candy Man.”

Willy Wonka
- The most renowned (and eccentric) candy maker in the world. Full of contradictions, he has boundless energy and a “larger than life” persona. He is charming but insensitive and always mischievous. Age: 20’s and up. Charlie Bucket – The emotional heart and soul of the story. He is unassuming, honest and respectful with lots of pluck and enthusiasm. Age: 10 and up.

Grandpa Joe – The grandfather we all wish we had when we were Charlie’s age. He is caring, patient, sweet and always reminds Charlie to remain cheerful. Age: 40’s and up.

The Candy Man – Every kid’s favorite adult. Sings “The Candy Man.” Age: 20’s and up.

Phineous Trout – An overzealous TV reporter who announces the winners of the Golden Ticket contest throughout the show. Age: 20’s and up / Howard Cosell-type accent.

Augustus Gloop – An overachieving eater who represents the evils of gluttony. Augustus is rude and insubordinate in his never-ending quest to stuff his face with food. Age: 10 and up / German accent.

Veruca Salt - A spoiled brat. Veruca demands everything she wants and throws tantrums until she gets it. She is mean and completely self-involved, and her father always acquiesces to her wishes. Age: 10 and up.

Violet Beauregarde - An avid gum chewer. Violet’s attempt to beat a gum-chewing record completely consumes her. Age: 10 and up.

Mike Teavee – Completely obsessed with television, video games, the internet and all other mind-numbing technological device. He is bratty, loud and obnoxious. Age: 10 and up.

Mrs. Gloop - Augustus’s mom. She is moronic and indulgent of her son’s overeating. Mrs. Gloop is proud of her son’s appetite and thinks it better that he eat than be a nuisance. Age: 30’s and up / German accent.

Mr. Salt - Veruca’s father. Mr. Salt is at his daughter’s beck and call and always gives in to her every demand. Age: 30’s and up.

Mrs. Beauregarde - Violet’s mom. Mrs Beauregarde is weak and ineffectual. She lets her daughter talk back to her and ignores her insults. Age: 30’s and up / Virtually a non-singing role.

Ms. Teavee - Mike’s mom. Ms Teavee is a take on all the television moms of the distant past. She’s perfectly put together and a bit vacant. Age: 30’s and up.

Mr. and Mrs. Bucket - Charlie’s hard-working father and mother. Age: Late 20’s and up / Minor singing roles Grandma Josephine, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Georgina - Charlie’s three grandparents. Bed-ridden and old character parts. Age: 40’s and up / Mainly non-singing character roles – good comic timing

Featured Ensemble (Ages 8 and up): Oompa Loompas, Squirrels, Candy Kids.