Monday, April 25, 2011

New York Stage Casting Update: April 20th

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To Kill a Mockingbird

photo/resume request

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey (Madison, NJ)

LORT C; $710/week minimum

By Harper Lee, Adapted by Christopher Sergel

Directed by Joe Discher

1st Rehearsal: September 13, 2011. 1st Preview: October 12. Runs: October 15 - November 20.

Please only submit if you fit descriptions and union status listed below.

There are 3 – possibly 4 – roles with AEA contracts. The other roles will be cast with Non-Equity actors.

*Southern dialect is a must for auditions for all roles*

Scout Finch (AEA): Caucasian female. To read 9-10 years old. A tomboy. Though she is somewhat combative, she has a basic faith in the goodness of people. Scout is perceptive beyond her years.

Jem Finch (AEA): Caucasian male. To read 12 years old. Jem is an all-American boy. Good-natured, but has a temper. Idolizes his father.

Dill (AEA): Caucasian male. To read 11-12 years old. Small for his age. Precocious. Quirky. Well-dressed, with an undercurrent of sophistication. Blonde to white-blonde hair preferred.

Calpurnia (seeing AEA and Non-Equity): African-American female. Late 40s – mid 50s. The Finch’s housekeeper and caretaker of the children. All “angles and bones.” Though she is strict disciplinarian, she loves the children deeply.

Mrs. Dubose (Non-Equity): Caucasian female. To read 60-70. A bad tempered neighbor. The “meanest old woman who ever lived.” Mrs. Dubose is a recovering morphine addict.

Mayella Ewell (Non-Equity): Caucasian female. To read 19 – mid 20’s. She has a solid frame. “A thick-bodied girl, accustomed to strenuous labor.” She lies under oath to cover the fact that she tried to seduce Tom Robinson.

Mr. Gilmer (Non-Equity): Caucasian male. To read mid 40s-late 50s. Counsel for the prosecution. “A balding, smoothfaced man.” Smug and condescending.

Nathan Radley (Non-Equity): ‘Boo’ Radley’s older brother and guardian. A “pale, thin, leathery man”. Neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Resigned to being his brother’s caretaker.

Mr. Cunningham (Non-Equity): Caucasian male in his 40s. A poor farmer. He is part of the mob that comes to lynch Tom Robinson, but comes to his senses when Scout speaks to him.

Reverend Sykes (Non-Equity): African-American male. To read 40-60. He is kind and compassionate. He has a deep, rich voice.

Helen Robinson (Non-Equity): African-American female. Tom’s wife. She is distraught both over her husband’s trial and then his death.

Miss Stephanie (Non-Equity): Caucasian female. 40-50. The neighborhood scold. Judgmental. A gossip.

NYC auditions will be held on April 27 and May 11, by appointment only.

For consideration, email picture and resume to:

Please indicate in the subject line “MOCKINGBIRD - Self Submission” and the role you are submitting for. Also indicate in your submission whether you are an Equity member or not.