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New York Stage Casting: June 3, 2008


Complete Cabaret Collection

The Complete Cabaret Collection

Cabaret Vocal Score
Cabaret Vocal Score

Cabaret Auditions, NJ

Mon. June 16 and Wed. June 18, with invite-only callbacks on Wed. June 25. Hackensack Recreation Center, 116 Holt Street, Hackensack, NJ. Walk-ins may be accepted if time allows, but those interested are strongly encouraged to make an audition appointment by e-mailing a headshot and r≥sum≥ to hackensacktheatre@gmail.com.

Hackensack Theatre Company is holding auditions for their fall musical, Cabaret, to be staged this September in Hackensack, NJ. Those auditioning for principle roles should prepare a 16-measure selection from the song list of music below and a 60-second comedic or dramatic monologue. Accompaniment will be available. Those interested only in dancing should make that clear when setting up an audition appointment. Please be advised that this is an unpaid production. Female Song List: So What, Maybe This Time, Perfectly Marvelous, Cabaret. Male Song List: I Don't Care Much, If You Could See Her, It Couldn't Please Me More, Marriage. Character breakdowns:  Emcee MALE / Tenor (low C to high F) / 18 and over / German (accent) / Must be a triple threat (dancer, singer, actor). Must be in great shape. This lead character is a sexually ambiguous charismatic entertainer who breaks the fourth wall and engages with the audience. He is the bridge between the world of the Cabaret and the Storyline. Must be willing to go shirtless and wear heavy makeup on face and body. Lots of dialogues, monologues, solos. Must be able to carry the show without upstaging the other actors. Sally Bowles: FEMALE / Alto-Mezzo (low E to A) / 18 and over / English (British) accent / Must be a triple threat (dancer, singer, actor). This lead character is a sexy and charismatic and lonely lounge singer with big dreams to make it to the "big time." She has trouble with relationships. She smokes and drinks. Actress must be willing to wear a wig or style hair. Lots of dialogue. Lots of singing and dancing. Must be willing to stage kiss. Fraulein Schneider: FEMALE / Alto (low bE to bA) / 40 and over / German (accent) / This lead character is a world-weary owner of an apartment block where much of the action outside the Kit Kat Club takes place. Is a kind woman who simply wants to avoid loosing money. Falls in love with Herr Schultz. Lots of dialogue. Singing and mild dancing. Must be willing to stage kiss. Herr Schultz: MALE / Tenor (bE to high G) / 40 and over / German ∆ Jewish (Accent) / This principle character is a sweet, loving and honest German who happens to be Jewish during the rise of Fascism in Germany. He owns a flower shop and falls in love with Fraulein Schneider. He must be charming and convincing and likeable and able to play a strong range of emotion. He must be able to move (light dancing). Must be willing to stage kiss. Lots of dialogue, a few songs, 1 duet. Fraulein Kost: FEMALE / Mezzo (low A to bB) / 18 and over / German (accent) / This principal character is a sexually dubious and selfish character who is not afraid of speaking her mind and admitting to her indiscretions. She is a Nazi sympathizer. Dialogue and some singing. Must be willing to stage kiss multiple male actors. Ernst Ludwig: MALE / Tenor-Baritone (low A to high bB) / 18 and over / German (accent) / This principal character is an amiable Nazi sympathizer, a street wise smuggler who seems to know everyone. He means well but is misguided. Actor must be willing to wear a swastika armband. Lots of dialogue, 1 song. Max: MALE / 40 and over / German (accent) / Very little singing and little dancing. Max is the owner of the Kit Kat Club. He is controlling, insecure, money hungry, and dishonest. He is hated by his employees. A few lines. Kit Kat Girls(6): FEMALE / 16 and over / Various accents / These actresses must be true versatile triple threats (dancers, singers, actresses). Must be willing to wear suggestive clothing and engage in playful suggestive activity. These actresses must be willing to look unattractive, insecure, and desperate for attention. Kit Kat Boys (4): MALE / 16 and over / German (accents) / Must be strong dancers, singers, actors. Two Kit Kat Boys must be willing to slow dance together. All must be willing to play multiple roles. Must be willing to wear suggestive clothing and engage in playful suggestive activity. Must be willing to play multiple roles.


Broadway Pop Rock
Broadway Pop/Rock

Over The Boardwalk
Auditions will take place at The Jersey Shore Arts Center on Main street and Main Avenue at the entrance to Ocean Grove on Thursday and Friday, June 19th and 20th at 7:30p.m. and on Saturday morning, June 21st at 10:00 a.m.

Guild Theatreworks announces auditions for the Jersey premiere of a Broadway-bound musical. In the summer of 1963, just before JFK is shot, before the Beatles come to America and everything changes, three generations of women - and an assortment of friends - come together in a grand battle Over The Boardwalk when their way of life is threatened by a ruthless developer. Over The Boardwalk is a new Broadway-bound musical by Jersey shore-raised Lea Ann K. Behan that takes its audience "down the shore" to a beach boardwalk amusement pier where life gets as sticky as the salt water taffy, and the characters as colorful as the plush animal prizes at the spinning wheel booth.  The Guild Theatreworks is presenting the New Jersey premiere of Over The Boardwalk this September as a backers preview showcase for future New York productions. Actors should prepare a short song demonstrating range and personality; some prepared to dance and perform a cold reading from the script. All roles are open, and include 5 females and 4 males in the late teens to early twenties; 2 females (late to early forties), 1 African American male in his early twenties, 2 males between forty and sixty years of age, 1 female in her mid-sixties and two 9 or 10 year old girls. An ensemble of a diversity of types and races needed, and all roles require singing. Show dates are September 19, 20, 21st and September 26, 27, and 28th at the Jersey Shore Arts Center. For additional information on Over The Boardwalk go to www.overtheboardwalkthemusical.com. Questions regarding auditions should be directed to The Guild Theatreworks at 732-774-3800.

Phantom of the Opera Vocal Selections
Phantom of the Opera Vocal Selections

The Phantom of the Opera

Sat., June 28, 10AM-1:30PM. Nola Studios, 250 W. 54th Street, NYC.

Joyce Agency is holding a final non-AEA Principal Open Call for performers not previously seen for leading roles and future replacements in The European Tour of The Phantom of the Opera. Director/Choreographer: Joseph Patton. Musical Director: Jeffrey Buchsbaum. Rehearsals Sept.8 in NYC. Opens Oct. 7 in Italy. Salary paid. Performers unable to attend, send photos and resumes, CDs and DVDs ASAP to: Phantom Casting c/o JAESI, 370 Harrison Ave., Harrison, NY 10528. No phone calls or visits. Resumes must list height, weight, and exact performance vocal range. Seeking: Phantom: Looks 30s-40s. Strong, commanding leading man with legit bass-baritone vocal range. Christine: Looks: eens-20s. Lovely, strong singing actress. Very legit soprano to high B. Raoul: Looks mid 20s. Attractive, strong, young leading man. Legit tenor with high B flat. Enrico: The Opera Tenor. Looks 40ish. Strong, comic, character actor. Legit tenor with high B. Carlotta: The Opera "Diva." Looks 40ish. Strong, comic character actress. Very legit soprano with high D. Must be able to sing Mozart's Queen of the Night aria in the key of D. The Maestro: Middle-aged comic character actor, also plays various comic roles. Legit Tenor to high B, understudies Enrico. Monsieur Charles: Looks: 50's - 60's. Strong, elegant comic character actor. Legit singer. Monsieur Richard: Looks: 40's - 60's) Strong, elegant comic Character Actor, Legit Singer. Didot: Plays 60-70s. Strong, stately actor with very legit Baritone Vocal Range. Police Commissioner: Looks: 40's-60's. Strong, funny, off-beat comic character actor with excellent singing voice. Stage Mother: Looks: 40's. Strong, offbeat comic character actress with excellent voice,.Principal Male Dancers (over 5'8") strong in classical ballet and partnering, sings well. Principal Female Dancers (under 5'7") strong in classical ballet and partnering, sings well. Principal Male and Female Legit Singers who move very well.


Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants

Auditions begin June 16 for Prince Trevor Among the Elephants, a Big Epic Naked Ridiculous Shakespearean Fairy Tale Play.

The play is a comedic take on current politics, filtered through fairy tales and written partly in iambic pentameter. Prince Trevor has won the Spotlight on Award for "Best New Play" in 2006 for a staged reading, and this will be its full premiere. It will be performed in the Midtown International Theatre Festival, which runs July 15-August 10th. For information on the play and dates of performances, visit duncanpflaster.com/trevor.php. The cast consists of 12 people playing some 27 roles. Most of the roles are pre-cast from the previous reading. Please email eternitytwe@yahoo.com if you would like to audition. Auditions begin June 16th. Prince Tonsure: 2nd oldest of the King's sons, he's not in line for the throne, so has become a monk, despite being plagued by erotic thoughts. Also plays Daniel, a Robin Hood type, and Mikey, one of the Eunuchs. Geoffrey: Advisor to the king, in love with Princess Lana. Also plays Billy, one of the Eunuchs, and Peking Trunk, one of the mystical Elephants of Style. Eunuchs will have very revealing, skimpy costumes, and Peking Trunk will require extensive full-frontal nudity (while wearing an elephant mask). The ability to play the guitar (or some other instrument) would be a plus for Daniel. No nudity will be required at the audition, but we will require it at callbacks.


Phantom of the Opera Vocal Selections
The Producers: Vocal Selections

The Producers - Open Auditions for dancers who sing

Wed. June 18: male dancers. Thurs. June 19: female dancers. 3:30 PM both days. Nola Studios, 250 West 54th Street, 11th Floor, NYC.

Open call auditions for dancers who sing are being held for The Producers

Westchester Broadway Theatre Agreement. Currently $512/week minimum. Music/Lyrics: Mel Brooks. Book: Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan. Director: David Edwards. Musical Director: Leo Carusone. Choreographer: Matthew J. Vargo. Associate Producer: Lisa Tiso. 1st rehearsal: July 28, 2008. Runs August 7 - November 15. Singers: Please prepare 16 bars of a song from the show or in the style of the show. Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. Dancers: Please be warmed up and ready to dance when the call begins. Bring tap shoes. All: Please bring a picture and resume, stapled together. The producer will run all aspects of these OPEN Auditions. Equity Chorus Call procedures will not be in effect, and no Equity Monitor will be provided at OPEN Auditions. The Producer's staff will distribute audition cards for the OPEN Auditions at 2 PM each day. No unofficial sign-up sheets will be honored.

Theater Project at the Majestic Theater, West Springfield, MA. -- 2008-2009 Season

Wednesday, June 14 and 16: Equity Principal Auditions. Monday Juen16 through Thursday, June 19, Non equity and Equity invited auditions. The Majestic Theater Rehearsal Hall. All Auditions are by appointment only: please call the Majestic Theater (413) 747-7797 to schedule an appointment.

Auditioning actors should prepare a brief monologue. Musical actors should prepare a song of their choice an accompanist will be provided or bring a CD. Pictures andresume submissions will determine which roles will be cast under an Equity contract. Note there are no more than two contracts available per show. Equity Guest Artist Contract, approval pending. Auditioning performers considered as possible replacements for pre-cast roles.

ROUNDING THIRD by Richard Dresser. Dir: Danny Eaton. (Acting Edition Available)
1st rehearsal: 6/30. Runs 7/9-8/2. Don: Late 30s. Win-at-all-costs Little League coach. Michael: Early 30s. Volunteers to be assistant coach. Corporate executive. Looking for special activity w/son, who has never played baseball before.

THE MIRACLE WORKER by William Gibson. Dir: TBA (Acting Edition Available)
1st rehearsal: 8/10. Runs 9/4-10/12. The Doctor: Late 50s. Kate Keller: Late 20s. Southern gentlewoman. Helen Keller's mother. Captain Arthur Keller: Mid 40s. Hearty Southern gentleman. Kate is his 2nd wife. Helen Keller: Age 7. Blind & deaf. Martha: African American, 8-10. Percy: African American, 8-10. Aunt Ev: Mid 40s. Captain Keller's sister. James: 20s. Captain Keller's son from 1st marriage. Anagnos: Late 40s. Greek accent. Director of Perkins Institute. Annie Sullivan: Mid 20s, determined. Becomes Helen's teacher. Viney: African American, late 30s. Keller family servant.

JERRY & ED by Steve Henderson. Dir: Jack Neary
1st rehearsal: 10/5. Runs 10/23-11/30. Jerry Atric: CAST. 80s. Now living in retirement community. Ed Hascomb: CAST. 80s. Jerry's best friend, living in same retirement community.

1st rehearsal: 11/24. Runs 12/4-21. Freddie Filmore: CAST. Late 40s. Radio announcer & host. Jake Laurents: CAST. Late 20s. Leading man type. Sally Applewhite: CAST. Late 20s. Leading lady. Film actress. Lana Sherwood: CAST. Late 30s. Used to be Broadway leading actress. Harry "Jazzbo" Heywood: CAST. 40s. Well-known character actor & bon vivant. Little bit of tippler. Foley Artist: CAST. 20s. Creates live sound effects.

LUMBERJACKS IN LOVE by Fred Alley/James Kaplan. Dir: Danny Eaton
1st rehearsal: 12/14. Runs 1/8-2/15. Musical. Style: Bluegrass/country, but w/beat. Minnesota Slim: Late 30s. Boss of shanty. Ideally lyric baritone. Dirty Bob: Late 20s. Hasn't bathed in 22 yrs. Baritone. Muskrat: 40. Philosophical & angst-ridden. Baritone. Moonlight: Late 20s. Strong back, soft heart. Lyric baritone. The Kid: Beautiful/earnest girl masquerading as boy. Mezzo. Rose: Late 30s. Romance novelist posing as mail-order bride. Soprano w/strong belt

BUS STOP by William Inge. Dir: TBA (Acting Edition Availabley)
1st rehearsal: 2/2. Runs 2/26-4/5
Elma Duckworth: High-school girl working as waitress. Grace Hoyland: Early 40s. Owner of restaurant. Will Masters: Local sheriff. Friendly, but also big & imposing. Cherie: 20s. Would-be club singer. Originally from Ozarks. Dr. Gerald Lyman: 50s. Former college professor. Down & out. Carl: Late 30s. Bus driver. Loud & hearty

Actor's Choice Monologues Teens
Actor's Choice: Monologues (Series)

(Men, Teens, Women)

16 Bare Theatre Audition
The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series
Baritone/Base, Tenor, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano


Florida Rep 08/09 Season

June 30, 1:00 to 5:00: Equity Principal Auditions, Shelter Studios, 244 West 54th Street (Penthouse), NYC. Florida Rep is located at 2267 1st Street, Fort Myers, Florida 33901. 877-787-8053

Open call for Equity performers as well as non-union local professionals. Salary level pending; 2007-08 minimum weekly salary: $469. Housing provided for out-of-town performers. Equity LOA Contract, approval pending. Appointments required. 239-332-4665 Ext. 30, Leave a message with your name, union status and phone number.

Age ranges: Teens (ages 13-17), Young Adults (ages 18-29), Thirties (ages 30-39), Forties (ages 40-49)

Proposed season: (Several of these titles are available in Acting Editions: Please call 800 322-0595)
The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. September 30, 2008 – October 12, 2008.
Born Yesterday by Garson Kanin. October 24, 2008 - November 16, 2008.
Indian Blood, a new play by A.R. Gurney. November 28, 2008 – December 21, 2008.
Dancing at Lughnasa, a Tony-Award winning play by Brian Friel. January 9, 2009 – February 1, 2009.
Alone Together by Lawrence Roman. February 13, 2009 – March 8, 2009.
The Art of Murder, a new play by Joe DiPietro. March 20, 2009 – April 12, 2009.
The Last Romance, a regional premiere by Joe DiPietro. April 24, 2009 – May 17, 2009.