Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stage Casting: September 9, 2008

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The Spanish Wives... Tues. September 9 and Weds. September 10, 7PM - 10PM. The Looking Glass Theatre, 422 West 57th Street, NYC. The Looking Glass Theatre is casting for The Spanish Wives, a groovy new adaptation of Mary Griffith Pix' restoration play, re-invented and directed by Aliza Shane. Evening and weekend rehearsals begin early September. Performances October 30 - November 23, Thurs. - Sun. evenings only. Seeking non-union actors who are good at comedy and improvisation as the process will be extremely collaborative. Musical or dancing ability is a plus. ALL ROLES CAN BE PLAYED BY ACTORS OF ANY ETHNICITY. Roles include: PROF. BARCELONA: Male, music professor trying the hippie lifestyle, to play 30 or older. PROF. MARCUS: Male, old fashioned, horrified by hippies, severe authority figure type, to play 40 or older. CAMILLUS: Male, injured Vietnam Vet, a stoner, drifter and romantic, any age. JOE PEREGRINE: Male, slimy young student trying to score, college aged. GURU DREW: Male or female, personal Guru, may not be as spiritual as he seems. HIDEWELL: Male or female, guru's hired man, jack of all trades and all around clown. MRS. BARCELONA: Female, professor's wife, curious about free love, early 30s. ELENORA: Female, Marcus's wife, a prisoner in her own marriage, ready to bust out, any age. ORADA: Female, Elenora's sister and confidante, feminist, self actualized, strong, any age. DIEGO, SPYWELL, & OTHERS: Male or female, hippie college students, ready to party at all times. Prepare appropriate comedic monologue. Bring pictures and resumes. No fee and no pay.
Feel free to call or stop by the Drama Book Shop for suggestions on the right monologue for you

Staged Reading, Four Of A Kind Non Equity Reading. Pia Cincotti (playwright) is casting FOUR OF A KIND, a comedy about 4 old men who find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery. Rehearsals begin late September 2008; Staged reading will be in late October 2008. Seeking - 4 actors, age 50+ to play 3 Italian American, native New Yorkers, and one Jewish transplant. Bobby - good looking, self-important entertainer past his prime; Sal- Chemistry professor, low key but constantly curious, ivy-league educated but down to earth; Frankie- dumb, uneducated, fit, ex-pro baseball player, with a great head of hair who talks very loudly; Eli- a bald, neurotic, pessimistic, depressed Israeli, who moved to NYC 40 years ago but still questions the decision. Auditions will be held by appointment only on Tuesday, September 16th from 12pm-3pm. Ripley Grier Studios 939 Eighth Avenue, studio 3D. Please send your headshot and resume to fourofakindplay@yahoo.com. No pay, but opportunity to work with acclaimed Broadway director.

Jerry Springer: The Opera Open Auditions by Appt. Mon., September 22, 2008, 11AM-4PM, and Tues., September 23, 2008, 7PM-11PM. Calderwood Theatre Pavillion, 527 Tremont St., Boston MA. Auditions in the Roberts Studio Theater. The SpeakEasy Stage Company is holding open auditions for Jerry Springer – The Opera in Boston, MA. NEAT $week minimum. Producing Artistic Director / Stage Director: Paul Daigneault Music: Richard Thomas. Book/Lyrics: Stewart Lee & Richard Thomas. General Manager/Production Manager: Paul Melone. Music Director TBA. 1st rehearsal: April 7, 2009. Runs May 1--30, 2009. For an appointment, please e-mail auditions@speakeasystage.com (preferred) or call (617) 482-3279. Actors without appointments will be seen throughout each audition session, as time permits. Auditions will be in 6-minute slots. Prepare two 16-bar selections, legit or opera preferred. Songs from the show are OK. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided. NO a cappella singing, please. Scripts are available for perusal at the StageSource office, 88 Tremont Street, Boston. See www.stagesource.org for directions and office hours. Please bring TWO sets of your stapled headshot/resume. Seeking: Jerry: 50s. Notorious talk show host. Animated and inquisitive. Jonathan Weiruss/Satan: Double role. Jonathan: 40s. Warm-up man fired by Jerry for incompetence. Satan: The anti-Christ. Steve Wilcose: 40s. Head of Security for "The Jerry Springer Show". Dwight/God: Double role. Dwight: 30s. Cheating on his fiancee with two other people. Unrepentant and insincere. God: The Lord. Peaches/Baby Jane: Double role. Peaches: 30s. Dwight's fiancee. Slightly stupid. Baby Jane: Adult woman who pretends to be a baby. Tremont/Angel Gabriel: Double role. Tremont: 30s. Dwight's mistress, a transvestite. Gabriel: Messenger to Mary. Zandra/Irene/Mary: Multiple role. 30s. Peaches; best friend. Having an affair with Dwight. Irene: Shawntel's embarrassed mother. Mary: Mother of Jesus. Mezzo soprano. Montel/Jesus: Double role. Montel: 30s. Dresses as a baby and fouls his underwear. Jesus: Son of God. Andrea/Archangel Michael: Double role. Andrea: 30s. Montel's lover. Michael: Field commander of the Army of God. Shawntel/Eve: Double role. Shawntel: Late 20s--30s. Dreams of becoming apole dancer. Overweight. Eve: First woman created by God. Chucky/Adam: Double role. Chucky: Late 20s--30s. Shawntel's redneck husband. Opposed to his wife's career aspirations. Adam: First man created by God. Ensemble. Theatre's statement: "SpeakEasy Stage Co. shall not practice discrimination against any Actor on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political persuasion or belief, age or disability of such Actor. SpeakEasy Stage Co. adheres to the Non Traditional Casting policy of Actors' Equity Association." Directions / more info: www.speakeasystage.com. Theatre's mailing address: SpeakEasy Stage Co. 539 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02116.

The Rocky Horror Show - Open Call

Wed. & Thurs. September 10 & 11, 6:30PM - 8:30PM, CAP21 Studios, 18 W. 18th St. (between 5th & 6th Aves), 6th Floor. Playhouse on the Green in Bridgeport, CT is holding Open Call, Non-Equity Auditions for its upcoming produn of The Rocky Horror Show. Director/Choreographer: Steven Smeltzer. Musical Director: Tim Heavner. Producer: Matt Schicker. Non-Equity Actors only, no pay. For Audition: please prepare full song from the show or a pop/rock/musical theater song in the style of the show that best shows your voice. Sheet music, provided by you, is required. An accompanist will be provided. Also please prepare a short comic monologue. If no monologue is prepared, sides from the script will be available. Please bring photo and resume. Rehearsals for The Rocky Horror Show take place weeknights after 7PM and weekends during the day beginning September 20. Performances take place Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays: October 24 - November 8. Three special midnight showings are planned, including Halloween night. All rehearsals and performances to take place at Playhouse on the Green at 177 State Street in Bridgeport, CT. One block walk from Metro North station. Seeking: Narrator: 35-60; some singing, distinguished with good English “radio” voice. Brad: Tenor (written top G/A-flat), 20s-30s--classic Hero type. Janet: Soprano (Top F), 20s-30s--comfortable with some light belting but can also sound classical in head voice. Classic Heroine type. Riff Raff: Tenor (written top G/A-flat), 20s-40s--seeking a true rock screamer. Not your “average” handyman servant. Magenta: Alto (Top C/D), rock belter, 20s-40s. Servant/maid type with a kinky side. Riff Raff's sister. Columbia: Alto (Top C/D), rock belter, 20s-30s. A tap dancing Groupie. Dr. Frank N Furter: High Baritone (Top F/ G), 20s-30s. A full-bodied voice able to do a range of "voices."A masculine Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania who is appealing to both women and men alike. Eddie/Dr. Scott: Baritone (Top F-sharp), 20s-40s. (This is a double role) Meatloaf-type rock voice. Biker look for the nephew, Eddie. German accent, talk-singing voice for the Uncle, Dr. Scott. Rocky: Tenor, 20s-30s. Must be in good shape and comfortable with wearing little clothing (bodybuilder, swimmer, gymnast, etc.) Frank N Furter's perfect creation. 4 Phantoms (2 Male, 2 Female): 20s-40s. Sexy singer/dancers on stage most of the time. Includes a lot of harmony singing so some choral experience is helpful.