Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New York Stage Casting Update: May 19, 2009

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(NEW) BAT BOY: The Musical, open call
Wed. June 17th at 7:30pm -Thurs. June 18th at 7:30pm -Sun. June 21st at 6:30pm. 14 Alvin Place. Montclair, NJ 07043.

Studio Playhouse is holding auditions for Bat Boy: The Musical. Looking for 10 actors/actresses who sing and move well. Come prepared to sing one Broadway rock style and one legit song, please bring sheet music and accompanist will be provided. Bring clothes to move in. Audition sides will be provided. Directed by Mark Liebert, Music Director, Jalmari Vanamo, Stage Manager, Judi Liebert. Performance Dates: October 30 - November 14. www.studioplayhouse.org.

Bat Boy: (18-30) Also referred to as "Edgar"; a bat boy

Meredith Parker: (35-50) Wife to Thomas

Thomas Parker: (35-50) Also referred to as "Doctor Parker"; town veterinarian; husband to Meredith.

Shelley Parker: (18-25) The rebellious daughter of Thomas & Meredith; girlfriend of Rick; falls in love with Edgar.

Sheriff Reynolds: (30-60) Local sheriff coming up for re-election; doubles as Delia.

Rick Taylor: (18-25) A rowdy, spelunking teenager; kin to Ron and Ruthie, son of Mrs. Taylor; boyfriend of Shelley; doubles as Lorraine and Mr. Dillon.

Ron Taylor: (18-25) A rowdy, spelunking teenager; brother of Rick, and Ruthie; son of Mrs. Taylor; doubles as Maggie.

Ruthie Taylor: (18-25) A rowdy, spelunking teenager; youngest of 3; kin to Rick and Ron; daughter of Mrs. Taylor; Doubles as Ned

Mrs. Taylor: (35-60) An overprotective, aggressive mother; mother of Rick, Ron, and Ruthie; usually a drag role; doubles as Reverend Hightower, Roy and Institute Man

Pan: (18-40)The Greek satyr-god of nature; doubles as Bud, Daisy & Doctor

Lorraine: A townswoman; doubles as Rick (a male drag role when performed this way) and Mr. Dillon.

Delia: A townswoman; doubles as Sheriff. Maggie: The mayor of Hope Falls; doubles with Ron.

Daisy: A townswoman; doubles as Bud and Pan.

Mr. Dillon: A rancher; doubles as Lorraine and/or Rick.

Bud: A rancher; doubles as Pan and Daisy.

Ned: A rancher, often played by a woman in drag; doubles as Ruthie.

Roy: A townsman; doubles as Mrs. Taylor/Rev. Hightower.

Clem: A townsman.

Reverend Billy Hightower: A preacher and faith healer who holds a traveling Tent Revival/Barbecue; doubles as Mrs. Taylor and Roy.

A Doctor: Doubles with Bud/Daisy/Pan.

Institute Man: Commonly doubles with Mrs. Taylor/Roy/Hightower.

BAT BOY: The Musical
by Keythe Farley
Paper, $9.95

(NEW) Too Much, Too Far, Too Soon
Saturday, May 30, 2009 by appointment only. Will notify when appointment is made.

Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue. Can be comic or dramatic. For Elizabeth, please prepare a contemporary Broadway ballad showing range (Elizabeth's song from the show can be heard at www.hockeythemusical.com/audiogalleryhtm.html). Send headshots/resumes to offsidesinfo@aol.com or to Off Sides Entertainment, 1497 Kenneth Ave., Baldwin, NY 11510. Check out www.offsides.org for more information.

Off Sides Entertainment is casting Too Much, Too Far, Too Soon, a trilogy of short works by Rick A. Leidenfrost-Wilson. Three performances TBA (between July 13 & August 2) in NYC as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival.

(42) and Meredith (40, upper middle-class couple)

Steve (35) and Joey (33, gay couple)

Elizabeth (late 20's-early 30's, sports journalist with a failing, secret relationship - singing role, pop-mezzo)

Jody (28, female stoner/skater-type)

Chris (26, gay)

Rachel (Jewish, curly dark hair)

Jason (25, Jody's brother)

Tony (28, NJ Devil's fan)

Adam (27, Devil's fan)

Ty (29, Devil's fan)

Kip (28, surfer type)

Jed (29, sidekick to Kip)

Maria (27, wife of Jason).

Note: Most actors will play two or more roles.

(NEW) The Warner Theater - Auditions for The Graduate
Auditions by Appointment: Sunday, May 31 @ 6PM and Monday, June 1 @ 7PM. Call the Warner Audition Hot-Line at 860.489.7180, x151 to schedule an audition time. Please be specific as to the date you would like to schedule your appointment.

The Warner Theater in Torrington, Connecticut, is holding auditions for The Graduate. Directed by: Deighna DeRiu. Show runs July 18-July 26, 2009. A hit in the West End and a popular show on Broadway starring Kathleen Turner, The Graduate brings the inspired movie hit of the Sixties vividly to life on stage. Benjamin Braddock, recent college graduate and prodigal son, returns home and promptly becomes embroiled in an affair with the wife of his father's business partner, one Mrs. Robinson, but soon finds himself falling in love with her daughter, Elaine. Those auditioning must be at least 18 years old. Please bring a headshot/snapshot (not returnable). AUDITIONS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call backs if necessary: Tuesday June 2 @ 7pm.

(NEW) Outz, feature film
Saturday May 23, 2009, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM. 440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St., studio 3B, NYC. Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue.

Visualize Filmz is casting non-union actors for “Outz,” a full-length feature film, shooting on Digital HD. The friendship between two men becomes challenged when circumstances beyond their control lead them to fight for their most prized possession... their freedom. Terri Patterson, casting director. Shoots July 23 - August 6 in Brooklyn; rehearses at least two weeks prior to production. Non-union. Compensation: meal, travel for rehearsal, credit & copy of DVD. Serious actors only please.

Jock: African American Male late 20's-30's, Definition of a Hustler.

Vanessa: Afr. Amer. female, late 20's, dealing with being pregnant.

Cardi: Afr. Amer. Male. Early 20's short.

Ms. Geena: Afr. Amer. Female. Mid 40's mother.

Ty: Afr Amer Male 30's, Troublemaker.

Felix: Latino male 30's. Drug Dealer.

Big Joe: Latino Male 30's Big imposing stature, 6'3'' or taller.

Young: 15-18 year old Afr. Amer. male, petty street hustler.

Jermaine: 20's-30's Afr Amer Male, street dude.

Honey: late 20's.

African American Female: stunningly gorgeous stripper type.

Rello: 20's-30's Afr Amer Male.

G.I.B: Early 20's African American Male, very tall.

Sal: 50's 60's Italian Male.

Latina Female: 18-25, very pretty and curvy.

Lil Sal: 20's Italian male, Sal's Son. Good looking.

Officer White: Caucasian Male 40's-50's.

Officer Burrell: African American male 40's-50's.

Gi-Gi: early 30's Afr. Amer. female, very pretty.

Female stripper: 20’s any ethnicity, incredible body.

Suspect: 20’s male, Latino or African American.

Officer Jones: 40's Afr Amer Male.

Officer Flores: late 40's Latino Male, Officer Flores' sister: early 20's beautiful young girl.

Kesha & Meka: pretty 18-24 year old girls.

Felix's Lawyer: 40's Caucasian male.

D.A.: 40's Caucasian Female, pretty, professional look.

Jewelry store owner: Israeli or Russian.

Receptionist: 20’s any ethnicity.