Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Sept 21th

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(NEW) Daughters of Lot, Staged Reading
Open auditions will be held from 7:30PM-10PM on Sunday, September 26 at 353 Studios, located at 353 West 48th Street, Floor 2. Sides will be available at the auditions, please bring a picture and resume. If you're interested in scheduling a specific time for your audition or reading the script, email

Open Call Auditions for Daughters of Lot, Staged Reading. Author: Alexis Roblan. Director: Rachel Kerry. Producer: Brain Melt Consortium. The reading will be the evening of 10/30/10, with three to four rehearsals scheduled from 10/03/10 through 10/24/10. SYNOPSIS: Daughters of Lot is a modern-day burlesque act -- with a twist. Tonight's entertainment is a sexy and silly retelling of an ancient story, until the burlesque performers do a trick that requires a little more than flexibility, summoning the ancient characters of their story into reality. Enter into the mix: Daughter 1 and Daughter 2, Lot's daughters from the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah. Led by their charismatic ringleader, Atlanta, the burlesque Chorus sets out to teach the Daughters how to be modern, sexually-empowered women, for the benefit of the audience. While this work is currently in development, it's an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with an up-and-coming company. For information overload about Brain Melt Consortium, visit

ATLANTA -- The headliner. Hides any vulnerability behind flawless performance. A trapeze artist.

DAUGHTER 1 -- The older sister. Cautious and observant.

DAUGHTER 2 -- The younger sister. Excitable and naive.

ONE -- Chorus member. Plays a mean man. (Also plays Lot.)

TWO -- Chorus member. Aspires to be the headliner, and will do anything to win her place.

FOUR -- Chorus member. A chameleon. (In the figurative sense.)

(NEW)M/F Middle-eastern Actors 10-15 & 40+ & Israeli Actors needed
To audition, please email acting resume and high-quality headshot to with Subject line:

Seeking Palestinian & Israeli actors for There is a Field, an original staged reading that explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. There is a Field, written by Jen Marlowe, tells the story of the life of Aseel Asleh, a young Palestinian citizen of Israel who spent his life committed to peaceful dialogue and reconciliation and of his death in October 2000, when he and 11 other Palestinian citizens of Israel were killed during demonstrations protesting the second Intifada in the West Bank and Gaza. There is a Field, will be produced by The Actors Theatre Workshop, an award-winning non-profit theatre and community center, and directed by its Artistic Director, Executive Producer and Founder, Thurman E. Scott, a highly-acclaimed actor, writer and director.


Looking for Palestinian Actors for:
BARAA: Aseel’s younger brother. 10 years old, Palestinian.

SIWAR: Aseel’s younger sister. 15 years old, Palestinian. HASSAN: Aseel’s father, early to mid 40’s, Palestinian.

JAMILA: Aseel’s mother, early to mid 40’s, Palestinian.

VILLAGE COUNCIL: Older, male, Palestinian.

Looking for American Actors for:
JERRY: American camp counselor, male, 30’s,

American. Looking for Israeli actors for:
REEM: Teenage girl, around 15, Israeli.

JEWISH ISRAELI #1: Female, early 20’s, Israeli.

JEWISH GIRL: early 20’s, Israeli.

HAI: Israeli police officer, male, 20’s, Israeli.

HATAN: Israeli police officer, male, 20’s, Israeli.

YAEL: Female, late 20’s or early 30’s, Israeli.

POOL EMPLOYEE: male or female, adult, Israeli.

SHOPPER #1: Female, adult, Israeli.

SHOPPER #2: Male, adult, Israeli.

POLICE OFFICER: Male or female, adult, Israeli.

JUDGE: Older male, authority figure, Israeli.