Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Oct 12th

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Auditions Will Take Place On October 28. Send Submissions To: Harriet Bass Casting, 648 Broadway #912, New York, NY10012, Attn: Snow Falling On Cedars

HARTFORD STAGE COMPANY is casting for Snow Falling On Cedars. HARTFORD, CT. Artistic Director: Michael Wilson. Director: Jeremy Cohen. Writer: David Gutterson. Adapted by: Kevin McKeon. Casting: Harriet Bass. Aud.: 10/28/10. Reh.: 12/13/10. Open: 1/21/11. Close: 2/12/11. SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS alternates between a powerful epic romance and a searing national examination of racial profiling, all resting on the fulcrum of a courtroom trial surrounding the death of respected local fisherman.

ISHMAEL CHAMBERS Early-Mid 30's, White. Editor of the town newspaper; cognizant of racial struggles but is conflicted, honest and always questioning. He loses his arm in WWII and clearly changed for the more shut-down after the war.

HATSUE (IMADA) MIYAMOTO Late 20's-Early 30's, Japanese-American. Graceful and smart, conflicted between the worlds of “American” and “Japanese” but, despite her young love of Ishmael, airs on the side of her family’s staunch beliefs of a more realistic life. She is the wife of KABUO, and daughter of FUJIKO and HISAO IMADA.

NELS GUDMUNDSSON/as Cast. Late 50's-60's, White. Experienced defense attorney, straight-forward and no nonsense but compassionate and sympathetic; as KABUO's lawyer, he doesn’t leave anything to question and intends to show that the trial is truly only about racial prejudice. Very Atticus Finch.

KABUO MIYAMOTO/30’s, Japanese-American. A fisherman who struggles to find his place in every aspect of the community. Strong and wellbuilt. A decorated US first lieutenant in WWII, he comes home to a world unchanged in respect to race and is accused of murdering CARL HEINE JR. He becomes the husband to HATSUE.

ALVIN HOOKS/FISHERMAN/CORONER/HARVEY/as Cast. 40's, White. ALVIN HOOKS is the prosecutor on the case; competent, quick, feeds into the racist vein of the island in order to enhance his case. Has a slickness to him. Like the others in the town, he has lived a very workman-like life, growing-up as a part of this small community.

CARL HEINE JR/FBI AGENT/JACKSON. Late 20’s-early 30’s, White. CARL HEINE -a big, well-built man, a fisherman, quiet with a “fastidious nature”, also fought in WWII and came back hardened and prejudiced. He is allegedly murdered by KABUO, his childhood friend; and is SUSAN’S husband, CARL SR. and ETTA’s son.

ABEL/CARL HEINE SR./GEORGE LEONARD. 40's- 50's, White. ABEL: the Deputy, an inexperienced investigator with a weak stomach. CARL HEINE SR: kindhearted, concerned with treating the Miyamoto’s with equality & dignity.

ETTA HEINE, MRS. CHAMBERS, DR. WHITMAN. Late 40's-50's, White. ETTA: opinionated housewife and deep protector of her family & its legacy...and to that end, doesn’t agree with her husband about equality in the community. MRS. CHAMBERS: outspoken, believes in tolerance and being honest, worried for ISHMAEL, tender in a strong way.

HISAO IMADA/ZENHICHI MIYAMOTO/MR. NITTA. Late 40's-50's, Japanese. ALL MEN are hard working and concerned with doing what is best for their families on an island where the line is blatantly obvious between the Anglo Americans and Japanese Americans.