Sunday, February 6, 2011

New York Stage Casting Update: Feb 2nd

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(NEW) Plastic Flamingo Theatre Company
  Auditions will be held at 10 am on February 21, 2011. At Roy Arias Studios. Auditions will be granted upon submission. Please submit headshot/ resume to by THURSDAY 2/17/2011. Sides will be sent along with your time slot.

  The Plastic Flamingo Theatre Company is casting its 2011 Reading series. Seeking: Both Equity and Non-Equity NYC Actors of all ethnicities.

  FIT By Erin Austin. Three generations of women, Celtic music, and a mystical meeting. Fit is about the identity of beauty... and the beauty of identity.

20-year old female

LAUREN: 20-year old female, requires Scottish accent

FIONA: 20-year old female, requires a Scottish accent

YOUNG IAN: Mid to late 20’s male, requires a Scottish accent

IAN: Mid to late 60’s male, requires a Scottish accent

CHRISTOPHER: Mid to late 20’s male *The characters of

MARY, LAUREN, and FIONA sing traditional Celtic songs throughout the play.

  TEAM AWESOME (A play in verse) by Ross Evans Elliot's writing. Joshua's poetically transcribing. Naomi's playfully delighting. While Adrienne is igniting what might throw the whole balance out of whack. Team Awesome (A play in verse) is a linguistic, familial attack.

ELLIOT – mid 20’s male.

JOSHUA – mid 20’s male

ADREINNE – mid 20’s female

NAOMI – mid 20’s female *All four actors must be comfortable with language in verse.

  SINGLE’S NIGHT by The Plastic Flamingo Theatre Company An eclectic night of short plays that reminds us that there is no I in team, but there is a ME. Seeking Actors of all ages and types.

(NEW) Waiting In The Wings - Non-Equity
    February 7 & 8 at 7PM (Callbacks - Feb.9 @ 7PM), Heights Players Theatre, 26 Willow Place (between Joralemon and State Street), Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201. Bring Resume/Headshot. Bring your calendar as a rehearsal schedule will be built around those who are cast. Auditions will be from the script, which will be provided.

  Heights Players, Inc. are holding non-Equity open call auditions for Waiting In The Wings, Noel Coward's tribute, not only to the theatre but to the great, and not so great, actresses that once called the footlights home. John Bourne, Director. Evening Rehearsals (Sundays at 6PM, Weeknights at 7PM). The Heights Players is a Non-Equity membership group that requires a $15.00 membership, IF CAST, to cover insurance. Our website gives you all information about our organization.

Bonita Belgrave – Mid 60”s –Happy Woman –Strong theatrical sense of humor-Sings- Wears Glasses.

Cora Clarke – Late 60”s – Usually Brightly made-up – Wears a Turban -Complainer – Grumbler.

May Davenport – Mid 70’s –Excelled in Shakespeare/Restoration Comedies –Dignified Movements Emdroiders –Wears Glasses at times – Somewhat vain. (Has not spoken to Lotta for 30 years.)

Maudie Melrose – Diminutive soubrette of 70 -Vivaciousness can still be seen – Most always carries a good size bag –Plays Piano and an Excellent Musician -Once had a powerful Soprano voice – Sings.

Deirdre O’Malley – A very spry 80 -Blunt –To the point –A strong brogue – Dances a gig- White hair.

Almina Clarke* – 80’s –Eats too much and too fast –Let herself go when she left the stage –Has “palpitations” and other ailments which she complains about.

Estelle Craven* – Mid 70”s –Permanently wistful – Caring –Silent type –Knits –White hair *(Almina & Estelle are good buddies and both have eluded the Stardom of the Stage)

Perry Lascoe – 40’s –Good looking –Warm -Kind –An adequate Musical Comedy performer turned legal Secretary –Sings.

Sylvia Archibald (Miss Archie) – 50 –Resident Manager of “The Wings” –Gruff/Masculine exterior –Vulnerable heart & Amiable disposition –Bulky build.

Osgood Meeker – 70 –Bald - Well dressed –A bit dim –A stage door Johnny who has been devoted to Martha (95-never seen) for many, many years and still brings her violets.

Lotta Bainbridge – Early 70’s –Well preserved – Keeps herself striking –Was a Major “Star” –Sensible (Has not spoken to May in 30 years).

Dora – 40’s – Hefty –Morose –Lotta’s dresser and former companion (1 scene only)

Doreen – Mid 20’s –Maid & Cook for “The Wings” –Rather untidy but nice.

Sarita Myrtle – Late 70’s –Wispy -Lives in her mind with her memories -Alzhemers? –Plays with matches.

Zelda Fenwick – Mid 30’s –Attractive –Trim –Sleek –A well known reporter -Well meaning- Ambitious.

Doctor Jevons - 30”s –Pleasant looking –Sensible –Kindly.

Alan Bennet – 40’s –Lotta’s estranged son –Nervous –A quality of failure surrounds him. (1 Great Scene).

Topsy Baskerville – 60’s Musical Comedy Revue Star – (Makes a wonderful entrance at the finale of the play).