Saturday, February 12, 2011

New York Stage Casting Update: Feb 9th

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(NEW) James and the Giant Peach, open call

OPEN Auditions (Equity and Non-Equity performers)

Friday, February 16, 2011, 7 PM – auditions begin. The Historic Palace Theatre on Route 183, Netcong, NJ, Actors will read from the script at the auditions. Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

The Growing Stage (Netcong, NJ) is holding an open call for James and the Giant Peach. TYA; Actor: $69/performance; Actor/ASM: $75/performance. Executive Director/Stage Director: Stephen L. Fredericks. Playwright: Richard R. George adapted from the original book by Roald Dahl. Runs: 3/18 – 4/17/11, Fridays at 7:30, Saturdays and Sundays at 4pm. A magical peach! An imprisoned boy! Insect friends! An incredible journey! This amazing adventure of James Henry Trotter will fulfill the fantasy of anyone who has ever dreamed of escape. Roald Dahl's story comes hilariously to life in this delightful dramatization that reveals the wickedness of some, the goodness of others, and the indecision encountered by many when they are faced with crises. You will see James (as he cleverly gets the Peach out of danger), the wise Old-Green-Grasshopper and the pessimistic Earthworm. You will also see James' mean Aunt Spiker and cruel Aunt Sponge come to a suitably sticky end. Rehearsal schedules are generally two or three evenings during the week, and a weekend afternoon. All cast members are expected for all performances, with no exception since the company does not cast understudies. Performers of color, seniors, women and performers with disabilities are encouraged to attend. For additional information please call (973) 347- 4946 or e-mail

Seeking: There will be five roles available for AEA artists, a one AEA/ASM while other roles will be filled by community artists, making a cast of approximately fifteen. The cast breakdown calls for five adult men, five adult women, and one young male role between the age of ten and thirteen; and six young adult roles between the ages of 14 through 18.

(NEW) The Passion Play, NJ
Interested actors should send their picture and resume ASAP via email to for consideration. If asked to audition you will need to prepare a short monologue. Singer-actors should also prepare a ballad. An accompanist will be provided. For more info and directions, visit

Park Performing Arts Center (Union City, NJ) is seeking Principal Actors for immediate casting in the 97th season of The Passion Play - The Musical, a musical adaptation of the historic play. Carl Gonzalez, dir.; John P. Lewis, prod. Rehearses evenings and weekends beginning approx. Feb. 12th in Union City, NJ (10-minute bus ride from midtown NYC); runs April 9-16 (Sat. & Sun. afternoons, plus morning performance April 14) in Union City, NJ. Seeking Jesus, Judas and Pilate These are paid NON-UNION roles.

Jesus: Mid 20s – late 30s. Actor/Singer. Charismatic leader in a time of occupation. Able to command attention without raising his voice. Actor must be able to bring a contemporary zeitgeist to the life of Jesus while remaining true to the scriptural readings on which much of the character is based. The Jesus of the play is a real man facing real choices. Acting is the primary focus of casting, actor must sing. Baritone – mostly ballads.

Judas: Mid 20s – mid 40s. Actor/Singer. A man of conviction, doing what he thinks his beliefs require of him. Actor must be believable in making the journey from conviction to questioning. The very real conflict between personal beliefs and personal loyalties plays out onstage. Sings Baritone/high baritone or tenor.

Pilate: 30s and up. Actor. NON-SINGING. The ultimate representative of Rome. A lifelong bureaucrat, stuck on the fringe of the Roman Empire, hoping to get through his tour of duty with minimum risk to his long-term career. While intellectually intrigued by Jesus, he makes decisions that are in his own best political interest despite being beset by events, the Pharisees and an aggressive wife.