Thursday, January 28, 2010

New York Stage Casting Update: Jan 26, 2010

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(NEW) BQE Ensemble
Please submit headshots and resumes to:

BQE Ensemble Theater, a new Williamsburg Theater to open September 2010, is currently accepting headshots/resumes for inaugural season of seven new plays. The BQE Ensemble will pay all actors for performances (rates will vary) but all actors will be paid.

SEEKING: M & F Actors (Adult and young adult). ALSO accepting children ages 7 to 16. All ages and types will be accepted for initial casting file. Casting sessions for season will begin in February. Actors cast in any of the plays of the inaugural season will be invited (not obligated) to participate in the Media Campaign promoting this brand new Williamsburg, Brooklyn theater.

(NEW) All My Sons
Auditions: Monday February 8, 2010 at 7:30pm and Tuesday February 9, 2010 at 7:30pm. Center Stage Community Playhouse, Foster Hall, 2474 Westchester Ave . Bronx, NY 10461. (Located 1 block north of the Zerega Ave Stop on the 6 Subway line). No Monologues. Sides Provided. Please bring Headshot & Resume. Questions: 718-823-6434

Recently on Broadway with a star-studded cast, All My Sons by Arthur Miller is set in a seemingly idyllic small town in Middle America just after World War II. Behind the picket fence is a family struggling with the havoc caused by war, greed and deception. The Keller's have lost a son to war. Mrs. Keller refuses to accept his death. The other son is having a love affair with his brother's girlfriend. Mr. Keller was sent to prison for selling defective airplane parts, but was set free even though his partner, the girlfriend's father, stayed locked up. Like the wind that destroys an apple tree in the Keller's front yard, the secrets that Miller's characters keep destroy the bonds between family and friends. The storm that opens the play is only a sprinkle compared to the storm that is unleashed when the truth is told.

Joe Keller
50s-Middle aged and prosperous, a family man whose world does not extend beyond the borders of his front yard or the gate around his factory.

Kate Keller 50s-Though she has a successful husband and a loving son, Mother cannot abandon the memory of her other son, who was lost in the war.

Chris Keller early 30s-Returning from the war as a hero, Chris found the day-to-day provincialism of his old life stifling. But Chris is a family man, and he is devoted to his parents.

Ann Deever late 20s-The beautiful Ann has not become attached to a new man since her beau Larry died in the war. Ann is mired in the past, though she has not been waiting for Larry to return. Rather, she has waited for his brother Chris to step forward and take Larry's place in her heart. She is an honest, down-to-earth girl, and she is emboldened by the strength of certain of her convictions.

George Deever 30s- newly convinced of his father's innocence, he is here to rescue his sister from entering the family of the man he believes is actually guilty.

Dr. Jim Bayliss 30s-40s- The neighborhood doctor, Jim is a good man who believes in the duty of one man to help another, but he at the same time acknowledges a man's responsibility to his family.

Sue Bayliss 30s-40s- Jim's wife Sue put her husband through medical school, and she expects more than gratitude in return.

Frank Lubey 30s-A simple neighbor, Frank has an interest in astrology.

Lydia Lubey 20s-30s- Now married to Frank, Lydia is a former sweetheart of George's.

Bert 8-11-is a neighborhood boy who plays cop-and-robber games with Joe Keller.

All My Sons
by Arthur Miller