Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New York Stage Casting: April 15, 2008

Go, Diego, Go! - National Tour
Thurs. April 24, 10 AM - 4:30 PM. At Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave. NYC. Sign-in begins at 9 a.m.; all performers must be signed in by 10 a.m. Latecomers will be seen at the director's discretion.

J. Max Sullivan Casting is casting future replacements for the national tour of Go, Diego, Go! Live: The Great Jaguar Rescue, based on the Nickelodeon children's hit animated television series. Producers: Broadway Across America & Nickelodeon. Tour plays nationwide, recently appearing at Radio City Music Hall. Upcoming venues include the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and the Fox Theaters in Detroit and St. Louis. Open-ended run. Seeking non union performers: Diego: male, to play late teens-early 20s, Latino, strong singer-dancer-actor, cousin of Dora the Explorer, personable, enthusiastic, attractive, athletic, not too tall, must sing and move very well and be an excellent actor, must have extensive familiarity with Latino culture and be willing and able to convey that personal knowledge and life experience with the media covering the show. Dora the Explorer: female, Diego's cousin, smart and strong, spirited explorer who loves to solve problems, interacts directly with the audience. Alicia: female, Diego's younger sister, smart and independent helper to Diego, interacts directly with the audience. Baby Jaguar: male or female, no taller than 5'4", Diego's good friend, energetic and curious, should be very strong and willing to do full costume work. Bobo Monkey #1 and Bobo Monkey #2: male or female, no taller than 5'4", pair of mischievous and rambunctious monkeys who cause some trouble for Diego and his friends, gymnastics, partnering, and tumbling a plus; Click: male, a special camera that Diego uses to find things. Rescue Pack: male, Diego's be-everything and do-everything utility pack, hip-hop dancing experience a plus. Also seeking performers to fill male and female ensemble roles including Swings: one male and one female. Note: Seeking non union performers who are strong singer-dancer-actors for future replacements; puppetry experience a plus. Prepare a short section of an up tempo pop song that shows off vocal range and ability. Be prepared to dance first. Sides will be provided. $500/wk. (commensurate with experience), plus $245 weekly per diem, travel, housing, and health insurance provided.

Broadway Pop Rock

Broadway Pop/Rock
Paper, $19.95


National Theatre for Children touring company
Sat. May 10, 12 - 6 PM, by APPT. only. At Nola Studios, 244 W. 54th St. (btwn Broadway and 8th Ave.), 11th floor. NYC.

The National Theatre for Children (Minneapolis, MN), a touring company, is now casting for Fall 2008 & Winter 2009 tours for two-person troupes that travel to elementary schools nationwide to perform 25-minute shows that combine comedy, improv, and educational value. Casting director: Patrick Rowan. Creative director: Jon Mikkelsen. Rehearsals begin in Aug/Sept/Oct & Jan/Feb. Tours vary in length from 4 to 10 weeks (actors hired on a contract to contract basis). Seeking - adult actors: professional and responsible, must have a valid U.S. driver's license and be willing to drive. No singing or dancing required, actors of ethnically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to audition. Note: Actors have to be energetic, talented, responsible, able to work well with directors and fellow actors, full of integrity, personable, excellent communicators, fun-loving, and prepared for the challenges of a touring lifestyle. No lighting or sound set up. For an appt., you must call the NTC audition hotline at (800) 858-3999, ext. 2. Prepare a one-minute comic monologue. Bring pix & resumes. $400/wk., plus housing and transportation provided.

101 Original One-Minute Monologues

60 Seconds To Shine Volume 3: 101 One-Minute Original Monologues


Impro: Visation and the Theatre
Paper: $28.95


Off-Broadway Improv Show
Wed. April 23. At the EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH! Comedy Theater, 300 W. 42nd St. NYC.

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH! is casting for intern/featured players and future replacements for its off-Broadway run, and touring company. All types are welcome to submit. Especially looking for witty and physical comic actors that sing. Great team players only need apply. Piano and/or teaching experience a plus. Pay per performance/gig. To request audition: Submit materials to producers Walt Frasier and Spero Chumas via email: info@fpny.org. More information is available at www.eightimprov.biz. Union/Non Union.

101 Winning Monologues for Young People
Paper: $8.95


Footloose and High School Musical - WI

Broadway Dinner Theatre in Wisconsin is requesting headshot/resume submissions for its productions of Footloose and High School Musical. Rehearsals start May 10. Footloose opens May 30, High School Musical opens June 1, and both shows will be performed in rep and close August 31. Seeking all roles: Ren McCormack/Troy Bolton, Ariel Moore/Sharpay Evans, Rusty/Gabriella Montez, Urleen/Martha Cox, Rusty/Wendy Jo/Taylor McKessie, Willard/Chad Denforth, Jack Scott, and others. Submit a headshot and resume via email to stanek67@aol.com (Michael Stanek) or fax to (608)253-2001. You will be contacted for a callback held in NYC. Salary, housing and transportation stipend provided.Broadway Dinner Theatre, 564 Wisconsin Dells Pkway, South Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965.

Footloose Vocal Selections

Footlooose: Vocal Selections
Paper $17.95

High School Musical: Vocal Selections

High School Musical: Vocal Selections
Paper $17.95

16 Bare Theatre Audition

The 16 Bar Theatre Audition Series


Non-Equity National Tour - Open Call
Tues. April 22, 10 AM - open call for male and female singer/actors who move well. At Nola Studios, 250 W. 54th Street. NYC.

IntraMusic Theatricals, Inc. is casting its 2008-2009 National Tour of The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley and The Ant and the Elephant. Flat Stanley. Casting by Dave Clemmons Casting (Joy Dewing). Rehearsal begins in August; tour opens in September. Prepare 16 bars of a contemporary pop/rock song or pop/rock musical theatre song with sheet music in the appropriate key that shows off range and personality, and bring your book. All auditioning MUST bring sheet music for a piano accompanist and a current headshot/resume, stapled together. All positions are paid and no technical or driving responsibilities will be required. Seeking: Versatile male and female actors who sing and move well, 18 and up, all types and ethnicities, with a great sense of humor (impressions and/or characters a plus) to play several different characters. Flat Stanley: Male or female to play 10-year-old boy, high tenor or alto. Young pop/contemporary musical theatre sound. Brilliant comedic actor (especially physical comedy), good looking, likeable and boyish. Skills or experience in puppetry a plus. A young Danny Kaye. Mr. Lambchop/Dr. Quack/Etc.: Baritenor, character voices. Must contrast physically with Flat Stanley. Excellent singer and brilliant comedic actor. Roles include Groucho Marx-like psychiatrist, Mr. Lambchop and many others. Must be versatile, zany, and have a great sense of humor. Three actors to play various characters, including Mrs. Lambchop, Arthur Lambchop (Stanley's Brother), Corky (a bulletin board), Mail Carrier, Cool Kids, etc.: Strong singers with character voices and excellent comedic skills, including facility with physical comedy.

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Grease - National Tour EPA
Wed. April 23, AND Thurs. April 24, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (both days), lunch from 1 - 2. At Actors' Equity Audition Center, 165 W. 46th St., 2nd Floor, Studio D. NYC.

Equity Principal Auditions for the First National Tour of Grease. First national tour, Production Contract Experimental Touring Program Tour. $1008/week, pending negotiation. Casting: Binder Casting/Sara Schatz. First rehearsal: October 20 in NYC. First performance: December 2. Prepare a 50's style musical theatre, Rock & Roll, or pop song that shows off your voice and range. Bring sheet music; accompanist provided. Bring a picture and resume, stapled together. This revival of Grease is based on the highly successful film and ran in London's West End for 8 years; and additionally was the first Broadway show to cast via a reality series ("You're the One That I Want") in which America chose the lead actors to play Sandy and Danny. To be considered for this show you must be age 19 or over and/or have completed high school by October 20. Seeking: Danny: Male, looks 18. Leader of the T-Birds, sexy with easy going charm and charisma. The coolest guy in school. Strong Rock & Roll tenor with falsetto. Must move well. Kenickie: Male, looks 18-20. Danny's best friend and 2nd in command of the T-Birds. A little older than the rest of boys as he's had to stay back once or twice before. Tough, sarcastic, classic bad boy looks. A perfect match for Rizzo. Baritione. Must move well. Doody: Male, looks 17. Youngest of the boys, he looks up to the other guys like heroes. Boyish, he lacks confidence in the girl department. Major Tenor to an 'A' with strong falsetto. Guitar playing a plus. Must move well. Roger: Male, looks 18. The clown of the T-Birds. He'll do anything for a laugh. Jan's boyfriend. Tenor, sings "Mooning." Must move well. Sonny: Male, looks 18. Italian. Thinks all the ladies love him but doesn't have a clue. Always running his mouth and getting into trouble. Must sing and move well. Eugene: Male, looks 18. The classic nerd of school. Preppy, straight A student. Good comic. Tall and lanky. Must move & sing well. Vince Fontaine: Male, late 30s ∆ late 40s. Slick talking disc jockey. Good looking, oily, and a bit of a slime ball. Enjoys getting to meet high school girls a little too much. Sings "Hand Jive." Rock Ôn' Roll Baritone. Teen Angel: Male, mid 20s ∆ mid 30s. Gorgeous embodiment of Frenchy's fantasy, al la Pat Boone. Tenor with falsetto extension. Sandy: Female, looks 18. The classic All-American, girl next-door beauty. Na•ve and thinks the best of everyone she meets. Capable of turning into a hot Rock & Roll babe at the end. Lyric soprano with a high belt. Rizzo: Female, looks 18. Leader of the Pink Ladies. Tough, sarcastic, sexy in a brunette not a blond way. The girl everyone is intimidated by and secretly wants to be. Major rich belt voice. Marty: Female, looks 18. The Princess of the Pink Ladies. She tries very hard to act grown up and sophisticated but fails. Sings "Freddy My love." Must move well. Frenchy: Female, looks 18. Quirky, funny, and kind she drops out of high school to become a beautician. Must sing and move well. Jan: Female, looks 18. Chubby and fun. Lots of personality. Wins a talent contest and sings "It's Raining on Prom Night." Must move well. Patty: Female, looks 18. All American Cheerleader type. All sugar on the outside and talks about you as soon as your back is turned. Confident and catty. Aggressively interested in making Danny over into a jock. Miss Lynch: Female, early 40s ∆ late 50s. The principal of Rydell High School. Bit weary of it all but tough as nails when she needs to be. Deep down she does love her students. An old maid.

Grease Vocal Selections

Grease: Vocal Selections
Paper: $14.75


Grease Libretto
Acting Edition: $8.50
(Call 800 322-0959 to order)